Forex trading won't always stay steady all of the times and we always need to be prepared for anything worse that might just happen. If we want to make a good income in this business, then we need to specially watch the weekend's position. As for the reason, the chance of open gap is very high compared to ordinary days trading. I won't say things like open gap won't happen in ordinary days trading as well. They might be if a high news impact just suddenly got released.

As for the open gap in the weekend, every traders will need to watch out for the possible jump. And as how to check it, you need to check the news on the saturday and the sunday. If you find a breaking news or a high impact news, then there is a chance the market will open in a big gap whether it's going upwards or even downwards.

Here's the example:

You might think again about closing the position over the weekend or just hope to earn even more money from the gap.
But let me tell you something, even if you used stop loss in this kind of event, it won't work at all if the gap is further than your stop loss.