This thread is my own way of thinking and all critics are welcomed. What I think is if we trade logically we do not trade emotionally and when we trade emotionally we will not trade logically. Because logically thinking will not allow us to trade emotionally and when our mind is filled with emotions like greed, fear, we will no more be able to make sound and logical decisions.

Keeping one will remove the other
: So from the above discussion it is clear that we cannot be logical and emotional in trading at the same time. What is important in trading is we give up our emotions and make sure that our trading decisions are always logical and with sound thinking. When our mind is disturbed with the effect of emotions like greed and impatience then we will make all sorts of drastic mistakes and face severe losses.

Avoid emotions to follow logical plans and trading systems
: The main reason why even good strategies and well laid logical plans fail is due to the interference of emotions. A trader under the effect of emotions will disregard all his plans and trading rules and make all sorts of mistakes. And so emotional trading is a big hurdle that attracts losses and failure.

Psychology training for emotional free trading
: So a trader should learn to train his psychology so as to overcome the harms of emotional involvement in his trading. We cannot get this training from the demo account. This trading has to be from the experience we get in real trading. We have to review our trading from time to time and this is surely going to help us a lot for our psychology training and in all aspects of trading.