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    The best innovations that has ever happened to forex trading is our ability to use our mobile phones to trade, this means that irrespective of where you find yourself, trading can take place, though there are certain limitations to this.some key features which are in the computer platform are usually lacking in the mobile devices.
    The greatest innovation that has ever happened to the forex field is not the creation of the mobile version of mt4 platform, but this workpiece is still very good and I appreciate that it is available for forex trading. The forex traders like me who can work always with the price action analysis only will not need any other things to make analysis. I can only use the mobile phone for every of my day to day analysis, and it will bring income to me.

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    You will be satisfied trading with the mobile mt4 because this trading platform is very good cause it work almost the same way with the mt4 on laptop, if you no how to trade forex very well you use it on the live account and make good money from the market, cause analysis is the most important thing we need in order to predict the market movement correctly.

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    Well is good question to all the trader so Metatrad for mobile phone is good for If y ou want to trading at any time or ay place but for me I have probleme with trading in mobile phone I have difficl with reading the chart or use indicateurs so in my opinion like to use the computer than trading the mobile phone I hope that my opinion like you and thank you

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    It's a good innovation to make mt4 available on mobile devices, because those who cannot afford computers can now access the market through their mobile phones, and those who like to trade outdoor can also do that now with the help of their mobile phones, mt4 is the most common and easiest platform to use on mobile that's why am currently trading with it and so many other traders.

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    Meta trader 4 and 5 are both available on mobile phone, with this innovation we are able to trade forex with our mobile anywhere we have access to the internet, with the mobile terminal more people are able to trade forex now, and the learning process is even more easier because we can now practice in the demo account using our mobile phone and same time trade with the aim to earn.

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    Which trader taking a lot of experience and knowledge about market real direction movement well he can easily build long term strategy in smart phone mt4 terminal and good profit from it. Most of trader hates to start our trade in smart phone mt4 terminal because it does't provides us all trading tool and costume indicator to analysis the market for trading.

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    yes sir well you have right topic . i think this is use for the long time now but it is mostly used by the exert trader . in he begning all the trader use the computer in our trading , they also use the laptop in the starting after some time they use the mobile phone in the trading all the expert trader earn a lot of money from the trading .

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    You are correct, you can use the mobile phones for trading, it is all about what you want, but l am sure that the facility is present in the forex market since more than 5 years ago. But there are still some ways that the computer versions is helping traders better than the phone version. So, traders has to still be careful.

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