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    Due to my view if martingale strategy, I will work very well but only if you have a very large account balance, martingale will even work better in binary option and you can try it in Robo option demo account, but with martingale, you must be very careful to start with the smallest lot size possible and make sure you have a very large capital.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khimi234 View Post
    Thanks friend, but this is only back testing if you want to test in real trading account then at first take some experience of this robot in demo trading account at least for 3,4 months. I do only manual trading most of time, and don't have much experience of this robot in my real trading account. Deposit a big amount of money only then this robot would give you good gains.
    Yes, this is good advice because before using in real trading account we should test this EA in our demo trading account for testing performance and overall activity.Otherwise, it's can be dangerous for your real trading account protaction fist then income.
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    it looks a good expert advisor and can help in making of good profits because it uses big lot size and so it needs a big amount of invested money to work well and make big profits and so it will not work well with the small accounts, but using of big lot size maybe risky and so the expert advisor needs to be tested first.

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    I have many experiences in testing many types of martingale EA's, today I've downloaded the ea that you attached in this thread, the result of this ea will be good in the flat market, but will be bad and make you lost all of your money if you force this ea to running always non stop, because there are times you will find a strong long term trend that can make this ea very horror.

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    EA or robots can work well with the trader and let the trader to make good money from the market, the trader should always choose the good robots to be able to avoid risking of his money and avoid loss of the money always, robots will make trading profitable if it is suitable for the trading style and so the results will be good for the trader.

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    [lang=ar]thank you for sharing this (Martingale)
    I am still a little confused maybe because I've briefly read it and have not tried it . I will use this very soon in my demo trading account and will let you know how its working on my charts
    thanks once again for this (Martingale)[/lang]

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    Great, by the manner in which you are one of the great instructor and individuals assistant too in this discussion. I don't have a long affair of martingale robot, yet I might want to utilize this robot would you be able to advise what is the best add up to do exchange with martingale exchanging procedure in forex. Its appearing an unsafe exchanging procedure because of the customary increment in parcel estimate.

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    What is the factor of increasing lot sizes?

    What is the average difference in pips between each additional entry to the market?

    How is fluctuations amplitude predicted?

    What are hedging mechanisms implemented in the advisor?

    Foe me, only large-scale martingale advisor with a low increasing factor makes sense. The entry signals must come from a daily chart, at least, to make it not a useless garbage.

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    Thanks buddy, but if you want to check on a real trading account, it is only back testing. First take some of these robot experiences to the demo trading account for at least 3,4 months. I mostly do manual trading and I do not have much experience with this robot in my real trading account. Only this robot will give you good profits, but pay a large amount of money.

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    Martingale is good only in sideways market but when market is in trend so it is one of the worst systems. Martingale is successful till trend happens to start and the account will be burned. I do not think that martingale is good for robot trading, robot will not evaluate everything and will bring only losses and burning of account.

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