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    Angry Bird (Scalping)

    Hello Everybody! It is really pleasing to take part in another contest here. I must say thanks to forum admin, forum mods and roboforex from bringing another very important contest for us. We are here now to discuss about Forex Advisors. You will find many EA in the market for free and for sell. I wish to represent my discussion as good as possible for you all.

    You will find million traders who are not just comfortable with advisors. They just love trading manually and found good results. And many going to take advantages of automated trading using some advisors. If you can use your advisor effectively it will do the same thing in trading what you do normally.

    I am basically a scalper. So I love to get an advisor that can do the same thing as I do when trading. And I got one which suits me. And it is Angry Bird (Scalping). It is very much sensitive. But before I go to discuss about it lets us know what are these advisor actually is.

    Expert Advisor:

    It is a kind of software which is generally written in C++ programming language for meta trader platform. This program is written in such a way that it can read price feed from the data provider through our trading platform. And depending on the flowchart it just advise traders which trades to make or can be programmed to automatically execute the trades on a live account or demo account. Simply most traders don't understand what is written inside the code. It is very good if you can build your own EA, believe me you need not to be an expert programmer to make our own EA.

    Angry Bird (Scalping)

    This EA was originally created by Bima setyawan in April 2015. It is very much sensitive to movement of any currency pair but well suited for those pair which have lower spread. It is well tested before it came to market. It has got very few interesting feature too. Those are..

    Equity stop;
    Tralling Stop;
    Equity Risk Management;
    Time Out Use;
    Max Trade per Hour and many more.

    Download and Installing EA

    You can download this EA from MQL5 website. Or just can visit to know about this EA. You can get the advisor from here too.

    After download just open the file and save it under your meta quote files.Now to install the EA you need to open your trading platform and login to your account demo or real. From your trading platform just click on the view tab and select navigator to find your all account and list of EAs and scripts or indicator. Then click on the Code Base which is shown on the image below. You will find list of many advisor. Then select the Angry Bird (scalping) and right click. Select download. Then you will see a default setting window for the advisor. Click Ok and then it is ready for work.

    Modifying the EA

    You can find in the following image how can you modify your default setting where the left image for default setting. You must save it first then load it to see the working of your new setting.

    Trading with Angry Bird:

    After download of the EA it started trading then and there. At first it started with 0.01 lot and keep it multiplying by 2 in next trades. It started with EURUSD then I moved to other pairs by dragging the EA to the chart. And I got the following trade results.

    Later I modified the minimum lot to 0.05 and few other parameters. And then I found the following results...

    Key Findings:

    After using it for few days I found few important things about this EA. Here I want to point out those things.

    1. The EA open trades automatically when RSI reads between 30 to 70 in the M1 chart. Can be used for higher time frame too.

    2. No new trade open as long as the first trade is active and in profit(but yet to touch TP). When trade's floating loss is about 10/12 pips then new trades open which is double the first one.

    3. If market keep moving against the orders it will open few more trades and every it will be multiplied by 2 and TP will be adjusted.

    4. No provision to SL(dangerous).

    5. You can set total equity risk as low as possible.


    The main advantage of this EA is it will start trading for you with low volume or with the set volume. You can trade simultaneously in many pair no matter you are seeing it on the screen or not. You need not to modify your TP when new trades open. You can find the EA helped me to make over 100% profit in 3 days. It is really fast. If you close your trading terminal no new trades open and only active trades work.


    It works well in a ranging market. If market is strongly trending then it will keep opening trade in one direction I mean in losing direction. If you are trading in different pairs then for each pair 10 trades will open which in turn can drive you to big drawdown. The main problem is there is no SL so it always plays doubt in mind about protecting the account.


    It is one of the finest EA I have used. It match my scalping trading almost 80%. If you are a scalper then you must love it. But whenever your EA is going you must keep watching your trades. It is better to set Maximum Trades per symbol to 5 instead of 10. It is also better to trade in only 1/2 pairs otherwise many pairs might cause many confusions.

    Better to try it on demo accounts for few weeks before you use it in real account. I don't recommend it to use it on VPN when you have small invest. And always set the minimum volume to lower level. Because at higher initial volume you might get few trades automatically close in loss due to equity drawdown level touched.

    Last Few Words:

    I would say this contest is more than a contest. In the last contest we came to know and use of different indicators. This time it is EA. All are helping forum members to use the different technique for getting more success. This thinking is simply praise worthy. I am really happy to be a part of this contest and this forum. Best of luck with EA's you choose to trade and good wishes for all participants. Thanks everybody.
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