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Thread: News Trading Strategy Analytics on referring the best on use with the live plan

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    We cannot analyse the news accurately, that is just the truth of the matter, something that we can do to help ourselves is to stay out of the market when there is a news announcement that is high in terms of the impact, that way we stay away from uncertainty and the possibility that we could lose some greater amount of our account because of the erratic movement that resulted from the announcement.

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    The political, economic and social events reflect the expectations of the traders that’s affect the mony market and there is no doubt in this .so the news is the driving force of the market, so it must be taken care because its one of the most important reasons for success in the trade and there are many plans to take advantage from it to be the decision more accurate

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    If you are a good trader who can analyze the calendar very well and can apply the understanding of it to the market, then you stand a good chance of making some good trades from news trading.But when we neglect the use and the importance of the daily calendar, then we can be at risk trading news.Fundamental trading is one of the most difficult for me and that is why i hardly trade any news no matter how tempting it may be sometimes.

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    news trading will make trading good and the trader can make some quick money easily and continuously, the trader can be able to make some good money in few time if he predict the direction of the market successfully and then he will make some good money easily with little effort, but he should be careful because news trading is risky.

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