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Thread: HELP novice trader

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    Since this thread is raised for the purpose of asking of questions, then let me ask this question about the leverage, since we have several leverages in the market, I will like to ask, which is better to use for any account opening especially those with small trading capital, isnit high leverage or low leverage? And what are the advantage and the disadvantage of the two?

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    I have a question to ask my colleague traders in this forum because I know that we have a lot of experienced traders in this house( I mean this forum ). Suppose you are a member of this forum and you have a lot of wealth of experience to share and when it comes to making meaningful discussion about forex which you know will benefit others and you are very confident of giving out the quality but you are just alleged to have made a meaningless post . You requested for the posts that were considered to be meaningless or out of context but none could be found , what would be your attitude to this kind of a thing that could dampen one's morale to give out the best ? I am bringing this out of my own personal experience and mind you I ma not a newbie in trading industry.
    I would like to hear the views and the experience of others in this regard.

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    Thanks for this thread which is going to solve a lot of problems in the live of many of us, leverage sometimes pose a kind of problem to us, like I in particular, I will like to know which leverage is best for trader, is it chosen the lower or the highest ? because a lot of traders do say that it is better to choose the lowest one, but during my training I was taught to be using the highest, I will like our seniors hers to please give good explanation on this.

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    For every Novice trader i think that the most important thing is to be able to se the good management rules for the right trading and making the effective strategies which increases its results for trying the more and the willing helpful matters for the analyzing processes

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    Quote Originally Posted by erespe View Post
    The main mistake of the novice traders are wrong mindset about forex trading, which is considered as a quick way to become rich. It is clear that the perspective is clearly wrong from the beginning. Due to the forward thinking, they have forgotten the risks that should be the primary consideration.
    Agree. Newbies do not want to understand or realize that taking short cut or taking wrong way winning in forex is kind of impossible. They trade here being greedy and emotional. Over a night they try to become rich and that cause them big loss. 90% newbies loss their first deposit and 50% of them leave the forex market.
    Don't loss you hope.

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    i think there is very difficult to trade for the new trader . all trader have experienced from there business. if you are good learner and have good skills to do anything here then you can learn from your demo account and your every day trading . in some months you understand this all and will be able to earn good profit from it.

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    its my own experience that in forex trading if you then you need also lot of guide and answer and questing so if new trader join the robo forex then we invite him also join the forum that there lot of experience traders available that they can answer every question very clearly.its our duty if new trader ask any question we guide him very clearly.

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    people who are new in forex need to learn more and more about this business this is the only way of getting successful in forex trading business otherwise you will not earn good amount of money and you will lost yoir money again again and again ,,

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    I see that beginners can take a different type of thought by having and trying more than one strategy at the same time . there can be very good and smart ways which we have to adopt . beginners can find that news is a must to be followed . fundamental analyses with good money management can help them very much

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    I mean trading for a beginner to me, not by scalping strategy. Because as a beginner I have not been able to count properly, what percentage of our capital, and able to withstand loss how many pips. In contrast to changing habits, one example is the habit of discipline. We can impose discipline in trading as a military manner.

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