how many time did you have a margin call ??
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Thread: how many time did you have a margin call ??

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    Question how many time did you have a margin call ??

    in fact you must had loss to learn this business and we must believe with this matter .according to me i had three margin call till now because of lack of experience but in fact i am still learn from my mistake in order to develop my trading skills to not face this loss again what about you ?

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    Actually forex is so hard to learn well.we need more knowledge and skill about forex otherwise we will loss we all investment.I am a new trader and I also faced three times margin call.after that my account finished.

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    I have a lot of get a margin call, almost does not count. Because I used to trade forex without using stop losses. I wanted to use stop losses, but unfortunately the strategy I use is not suitable if I use stop losses, because I expect more losses in forex trading.

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    i think that when we do forex trading , then it is common that we will always make mistakes and get a margin i have also got about 12 margin calls and have lost about 2500 dollars in forex trading...but it has helped me to learn about forex trading more and more and always helped me to make a better strategy...

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    At the beginning of my forex Life, I have had many Margin call in my accounts, but now I am 3 years experienced and I am not taking high risk and I am using my own strategy to do trading so No Margin call now and I am earning now a days.

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    I had many margin calls at the beginning of my forex life in forex trading business.Now a days i am not taking too much risk as i am experienced and i use my own strategy to do trading.I have also lost around $1500 in forex.It is common that we make mistakes and get margin calls.

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    I am able to get this horrible experience of margin call 1 time in my trading career. Now I am very aware about it and trying to put TP and SL. Even I am trying to make trading lot very reasonable so that I have not faced this margin call further.

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    at my first years, i blew up my accounts almost every weeks, and i suffered big losing with them, and also they almost made me down and got frustration , and i ever thought to leave this business, but then i realized it, if i leaved this business, then i got nothing , just losing ? i did not want to give up for this, and also i fallen in love with this business and felt comfortable, then i continued to learn and practice for more and more

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    Since I start my Forex trading, I have 3 times blown up my account. Reason behind that is ( i do same mistake repeatedly. I do over trading due to my emotion. Some time I become fear and some time fall in Greed both are dangerous for trading. But from now On I have made my own strategy that I will be trading with very small quantity and will use very low leverage which will help em to save my margin for further trading.
    Never ever be hurry to make money in Forex, as opportunity is available for ever but you should have margin money and trading strategy.
    Or else their will be only loss due to over trading.

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    when i was started my trading 1 year ago i face margin calls in the first weak of my trading but luckily i survived because market change direction due to some news. and i understand that taking big risks blow my account and then i start trading with proper money management.

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