Dear traders,
In this thread i finally share with you my opinion about Indicators ,of course my knowledge about that is quite small, and that why in this thread i will post information very gradually, writing information in a number of posts. In the beginning i will write about my favorite indicator:Moving Average - MA
Yes about that, first, i don't want to use some definition or some very smart words from some experienced trader i just want to enumerate 3 best properties which have this indicator.
1. It shows the moving average between smallest and highest price levels in some period.
2. It helps cut out price action by taking out the some "one moment action" from random price fluctuations.( It helps to catch some long time trades)
3. If we use some lines we can connect high or low levels and tray to make some good predictions.
So i know maybe that isn't very good description but i hope it will help someone to learn something.
At the other time in this thread i will continue writing about my favorites indicators in the same way as i did now. Of course you also can say your opinion and some recommendations for me.