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    Dear Users!

    The forum administration announces the start of the new contest for traders who use automated trading systems! As part of the contest, you can leave a review of used by you or previously tested advisor for trading on the Forex market.

    Terms of the contest:
    Contest is held between
    July 1 and July 28, 2015.
    Results will be announced –
    July 30, 2015.
    Prizes will be transfered -
    July 31, 2015

    To participate in the contest you need write a review: describe the advisor; the principles of the advisor's trading system; its characteristics; best trading parameters; preliminary test results and your personal opinion and recommendations on the advisor.
    It is necessary to post the link to download the described advisor from the file archive of the forum.
    To participate in the contest it is necessary to left the request in this thread to describe the advisor and specify its name. If within 2 days the participant hasn't opened a relevant
    thread and proceeded to describe the advisor, the request will be removed from the contest. Thread with description of the advisor is created in the same contest section and the thread title should contain the name of the advisor.

    There is no limits at number of
    thread with description of the advisors by one participant. It is prohibited the duplication of existing or left thread.

    You can choose the advisor from the list or describe other one.

    List of the advisor's names to choose from:

    List of available topics

    1. Grid forexlearner
    2. Kopratasa
    3. THV MTF cozard007
    4. Firebird aris90
    5. Martingale Khimi234
    6. BuyLow
    7. EnvMACD silverlady
    8. TimeScalper AmitChallenger
    9. Levels Work
    10. GOLD PSAR nsawork
    11. Goldup PROPENSITY100
    12. GOLD EMA
    13. TargetEA
    14. SmartTrailing
    15. SaleMart
    16. LFAT
    17. PSAR Expert Hukam
    18. Joke
    19. Carpenter
    20. ENewsLucky
    21. Ghaasyiyah lawners1791
    22. Angry Bird (Scalping) nkhan2810


    The winners will be chosen between the participants who left the most meaningful descriptions of the advisors.

    During the evaluation of the participant
    thread will be evaluated:

    1. The quality of the left advisor description.
    2. The completeness of the advisor description.
    3. Activity of the members in the participant subject of the contest.
    4. The number of the left "Thanks" for the description of the advisor.

    1st place - 80 $
    2nd place -70 $
    3rd place - 60 $
    4th place - 50 $
    5th place - 40 $
    6th place - 30 $
    7th place - 25 $
    8th place - 20 $
    9th place - 15 $
    10th place - 10 $

    * If there is no advisor described by you in the file archive of the Forum, you must specify in the description of the advisor an inactive link to download it from the allowed file hosting of the Forum.
    ** Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.
    In case if prizes places will be less the prizes will also be less.

    You can ask any questions concerning this contest in this thread.

    The results of the contest "Forex Advisors"

    Contest winners*:
    1st place - 80$ - Khimi234 per thread "Martingale"
    2nd place - 70$ - nkhan2810 per thread "Angry Bird (Scalping)"
    3rd place - 60$ - Hukam per thread "PSAR EXPERT"
    4th place - 50$ - forexlearner per thread "Grid"
    5th place - 40$ - cozard007 per thread "THV MTF EA"
    6th place - 30$ - PROPENSITY100 per thread "Goldup"
    7th place - 25$ - lawners1791 per thread "Ghaasyiyah EA"
    8th place - 20$ - silverlady per thread "EnvMACD"
    9th place - 15$ - nsawork per thread "GOLD PSAR"

    During the determination of the winners the board of moderators take into consideration such factors as:

    1. The quality of the left indicator description.
    2. The completeness of the indicator description.
    3. Activity of the members in the participant thread.
    4. The number of the left "Thumbs up!" in the thread.

    *Prizes will be credited in the form of forum bonuses.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!
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