How to combine between Fundamental and technical analysis ???
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Thread: How to combine between Fundamental and technical analysis ???

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    How to combine between Fundamental and technical analysis ???

    Actually we should not avoid any kind of analysis... We need to make better analysis by combining TA and FA... If we can make combine between TA and FA then of course we will make better analysis to get market sentiment.. So do you have any perfect and easy idea to combine between TA and FA ??
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    I usually only use technical analysis. But if we want to combine these two analyzes, we might take a long-term trading, because we have to adjust the results of technical analysis, and then we compare it with the estimated impact of the latest news, if it is confirmed, then it is the right time to open the order.

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    technical analysis mean use of indicator and fundamental analysis mean follow news.we can get signals from both if both match then we can take decision and that decision we can say made up of both type of analysis fundamental and technical may be now it is clear to you how both works and how to link both analysis.

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    It is better to even use the two together, if you do this, you will know what you are getting the more result in the market. At times , your technical analysis will be right, but the news will just change not unaware, this is why you need to always regard the fundamentals no matter how sure you think that you are in the market at that moment.

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    I have several times on the lost trade because the market responds to news contrary to my trade position. I am more use of technical analysis. From the many threads I've read, the fundamental analysis that many factors, one is the news. Maybe we should pay attention to the daily news to trade aware

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    Combining both the technical and fundamental analysis can be a very great tool a trader can use to exploit marker opportunities better, although most traders prefer to stick with technical analysis, but from experience I have learnt that fundamental analysis shouldn't be over looked because you might be taken unawear and all of a sudden volatility comes,creating confusion, but when you keep an eye on fundamentals you would be more informed and well awear of an upcoming economical event or indices and prepare yourself well ahead of time.

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    Their are different traders available in market as Forex trading is an individual perception. Different traders have different strategy so they follow different types of analysis, Technical analysis mostly followed by day traders or swing traders when Fundamental analysis followed by positional or long term traders and they do not get panic in small volatile, so I think their should not be mixed up or else trader will be confused and do wrong trading which will cause him loss.

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    Fundamental analysis is to analyse the market movement and then make plans that required to be technical because fundamental analysis is based upon a certain thing but technical should be made by combining other aspects of analysis and methods to tackle the market because the currency is not stable and does nos go all according to the analysis and that requires certain changes which must must be applied in technical analysis and then used in trading with that currency.

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    forex trading is a very wonderful business that offers us a great opportunity to earn huge money. but it requires to some important elements to trade here successfully such as fundamental and technical analysis. without this two we can not trade perfectly here.

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    The use of indicators is technical analysis and fundamental analysis is the use of news. we match then we decided we could both fundamental and technical analysis of the types of decisions that can tell you now, it's clear, you can either get the signal that you are following the work of both the two analysis and how both link analysis.But I only use Technical analysis because combining the two analysis may take a long term.

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