After getting professional from demo account just test your experience for 5 months more !!
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Thread: After getting professional from demo account just test your experience for 5 months more !!

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    After getting professional from demo account just test your experience for 5 months more !!

    When we become simple educated or when we can get success in our own prediction for 1 or 2 times then we think that we are now expert and professional... it's not good thinking.... We should test our our full experience in demo account for more 5 month.. Then we can certify our experience... When we can be sure perfectly that our experience is really perfect to earn good money from that market even we can be safe from high lose then we can enter in that business as a professional In saa Allah..
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    It is always said to the new traders in Forex trading that after getting professional experience from demo account it is nice to trade for extra 5-6 months.It will make you more accurate and you can understand the market movement which is never stable.We should test our experience of trading in demo account more in order to be more perfect and it makes you to trade in real account with full confidence.

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    In my opinion we should start learning in the demo account for long time and after we have the good learn we start opening a mico real account and start trading with small lots until we gain the enough experience about forex market and after that we can deposit big capital and start trading with big lots.

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    I agree with you on the fact that success in forex shouldn't be judged by our short term progress,to be certain that you are a qualified forex trader you need to make consistent profit for a reasonable period of time let's say 3-5 months on demo account, some trader might think that because they make profit for a week or two they think they've found the holy grail whereas I'd they keep trading for more weeks chances are that they would get a margin call because of over confidence .

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    I don't think so that after getting professional from demo account just test your experience for 5 months more.I think demo account practice is sufficient for trading in real account.If you think you have learned all about the Forex market by practicing in demo account you can trade in real account and can earn a huge amount of profit.

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    Demo practice should continue fro life long until unless you have stopped real trading, because demo trading does not help you to learn new lesson but also it help you to know the accuracy level of your newly developed trading strategy, ( as neither you make profit nor you make loss while demo trading and you can use i8t as experimental tools fro ever).

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    When we join trading business then in the beginning of five months we remain in touch with demo account as it is first step to success and when we do more practice of learning then after it we should try our strategy on real account and it is better way to do progress in trading

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    Testing again and again and again and testing never ends . Because when we derail from our consistent profits then we have to make amendements to the rules of entry and exit and that is why demo account are there for everybody, And when you spend some time in currency trading business, you will realize that remain flexible is the real key to success and how demo account is still a necessity for retail traders.


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    I think demo account practicing is very useful for learning Forex trading. Anyone can learn about Forex trading by practicing demo account after getting adequate knowledge I think every trader should be check out the applicability of those knowledge and for getting more knowledge about Forex I think we practicing demo for more five months after completing.

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    This is very length process but if you have good experience in the market so then you must working on the real account. but always working on the demo for some time because if you will always working on the demo so then your experience will be increased..

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