Will you continue in ths forum if forum bonus are not given?
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Thread: Will you continue in ths forum if forum bonus are not given?

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    Will you continue in ths forum if forum bonus are not given?

    I can say about me that though bonus is an important factor, but gathering proper skill and becoming a good trader is very big factor. The importance of this forum bonus are great, many established traders started trade with this bonus and become professional traders. I want to become an established trader and that's why I am trying learning forex through this forum as many new elements are able to learn from the experts comments.
    What are you thinking on it?

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    Honestly speaking that I'm here to earn bonus... Even I like to help people also... So that forum is really too better for me to be popular and earn good bonus mashAllah...
    ~~You have chance to be successful until Death.. So try hard till death~~

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    The bonus is a motivation to keep posting because you know that there would be rewards for each of your post, although I am honored to be a memeber of this forum because as we can see the world is revolving where ideas and relationships are being exploited through the online world so if the bonus is stoped I will still be a participating member of roboforex forum hence I have accounts with roboforex.

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    Earning bonus in this forum is the inspiration. Bonus earned from this forum will be used for forex trading and hence I am very serious and sincere about this forum. Besides, i get to laern a lot from this forum from different people which will further help me in my business.

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    according to me bonus is important..earning bonus is inspiration for me...bonus earned will be used in forex trading to earn profits...and am serious about this forum..as it is my livelihood...i also learn a lot from forex trading business...forex trading is an amazing experience...

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    I think Bonus is for inspiration and to motivate because you know that there would be rewards for each of your post.Earning is for our trading only and i think it is not necessary because i have learn a lot and gain knowledge from this business.I have a lot from this business so i will continue in this forum if the forum bonus are not given.

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    The bonus is for inspiration and it is like a advertisement by the brokers to know about the broker and its terms and rules. It is the good broker and if roboforex remove this bonus promotion then i still do posting and gain more knowledge which will help me in trading.

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    We all are here so that it can be very much helpful for us to gather some good trading related information and also the trader should be able to gather some good bonus money for their trades. Thus, it depends upon the trader that they either would continue communicating or not in the roboforex forum even if the bonus money is not provided. But for me this would be disheartening and thus i would like them to conitnue their service.

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    After loosing some of money in Forex I left trading, one day I found this forum which will pay me some bonus to start trading and for that I need to participate in forums.
    I started positing and slowly slowly I felt that I am not only getting bonus as well as gaining knowledge form other senior members also.
    SO I found that this forum is such a place where I can learn and earn from same place, so although it stop giving bonus I will be still live with this site for gaining knowledge which will help indirectly to earn money.

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    No i will never continue forum posting because i need money for trading.. and i have very good knowledge in the trading and i can easily earn some good money but unfortunately i don't have capital for trading so therefore i am working in this forum and trying for earn more and more...

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