Try to make own strategy !!
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Thread: Try to make own strategy !!

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    Try to make own strategy !!

    We should not depend on anther's signal.. We should make own strategy... We know that every Forex business is totally depends on market sentiment.. So every trader should make own analysis and own strategy... Cause own strategy is always safe for own self.. What you think ??
    ~~You have chance to be successful until Death.. So try hard till death~~

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    You are right we must create our own strategy to make profits its not good to copy other because even expert traders can fall to so maybe if we create our own its most profitable then others.

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    True, we did have to make your own strategy, because we certainly will be satisfied when we get the profits and losses rather than using the signals of others. So even though we suffered a loss, we can still learn from our defeat, and can improve the strategy that we use.

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    strategy is a important matter in forex market.if you want to gain from forex market you have to make some trading strategy.without proper trading strategy we can not sustain in forex market..So I think every trader should make own trading strategy for making money from this market..I have made 3 trading strategy to get success in from this market..

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    its quite hard to make own strategy we can make own plan to implement the define strategy but its not possible for every trader to make own strategy even professional traders also you use defined trading strategies so i think this technique that you discuss is not good for traders.

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    Yes dear we must used our own trading system all the time because it gives us good and consistent money all the time. Our own trading system is always be good for us but for making a trading system is not easy for us , it needs much learning and much practice by the forex trader.

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    Yes sir, I think we should make own strategy for trading. Strategy is what we should to do and what we should not to do in forex trading. We may more learn in making and practicing of own trading strategy. We will fully understand own trading strategy. But may use the strategy from others trader when we have understood.

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    This is very appropriate that we need to create our own trading strategy. After continuous trading when we see the profit in any system can be considered our own strategy. Trading with own strategy is better and profitable than any strategy as own strategy has been created with our own experience.

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    I still believe that it might be very good to make ones trading strategy, but it not not rigid, meaning that it is optional. It is left to you to follow the good idea or someone , or use the idea that you have got to the nest advanced format. The choice is actually yours as a trader, but it is not a necessity to build a personal idea.

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    Any forex trader who cannot trade without the help of others will not be able to become an expert who can make their own strategy and such a trader will find it difficult to succeed in forex trading because only expert traders can succeed in trading forex

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