We'll explain if we can figure out the MACD indicator, in short, is the convergence of two muffing lines, and it's used to figure out the direction.

For a new and is there an ups and downs that are available on the trading platform MetaTrade the index consists of a macd line of 12.22.9 blue balloon and it is approved moving 9 days fast-moving
- Red Balloon Signal Line, a 12-day moving line integrated into line 26, which is slow to move

- The balance line, which is a dotted point where the macd lines intersect simultaneously
- Histo Gram bars appear on the zero line above it in green and underneath in red
- If the red muffin penetrated the blue macd, a balance occurs and a temporary halt to the market
- The blue express line penetrated the slow red line from the top to the bottom of the sales signal
- If it is hacked from the bottom to the highest is a buy signal