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Thread: Why I trade with candle sticks and no indicators

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    The way traders trades in the market determines their success. I don't think there is any special way to being profitable, all I can see are just different trading methods that we have gotten for ourselves and then the learning we will be needing to become profitable. Trading with the use of candle is really good and profitable, however the trader just have to have other means by which they can confirm all trades before taking them.
    because the only special way to make a simple thing to work with good quality is depending on how serious we learn the strategy with all of our heart. candlestick strategy will help us deliver the understanding of market through its patterns without showing further confusions in many lines like indicators provides for their traders. i no longer use indicators because i understand they are not really showing me earlier identification of market trend and reversal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eneregha View Post
    We just have to make sure that any trading strategy we plan of using we should have the adequate experience and knowledge to make use of it, if you plan of using the candlesticks naked with no indicator then we should have a better experience and knowledge to use it very well, same thing if we plan of using the candlesticks with indicators.
    I am agree with you , if we sure we are master in own trade strategy and we can easily tackle te trend through that working method that completely well known by self then surely we can keep the trade far from the losses and any other false signals will be away from us so we must tackle the best strategies in this regard .

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    I also not like to use indicators because they are show us false market trend signals. traders success is possible only if they are use their own trading skills in trading and they are find the market trend with a strong and powerful trading plans. We must make strong and powerful trading plans then its easy for us to make huge pips profit from forex market every day.

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    Price action has become the best strategy that some people have adopted because they believe that it is what is required to make them successful, the best way we can trade without having so much losses is to have less dependence on our indicators because using them could bring us some losses which we might not want.

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    Indicators are the best way of trading and I think this is not possible to earn money from forex without use of indicators in trading. If you want to trade with naked charts then its really hard to identify the market trend and find its movement but when you are use indicators then you can easily know that in which direction this market is move.

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    Trading with candle sticks or pure price action is very good trading strategy. Many experienced traders use naked chart for trading decisions because all information is in the form of candles and chart patterns. Chart patterns bullish or bearish are the visual form of information and trader can use them to determine the possible market direction.

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    In forex trading, manual trading strategies like use candle bar or candlestick chart traders are know how to use them according to the market movement that is the reason they are made an easy profit with the use of it. We can make a profit with use any trading strategy but traders must need to know how they can use indicators in their trading. Indicators never help us to earn money until you are know how to use them in trading accurately.

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    Some traders want their charts to be totally clear and prefer not to use indicators. While people who have learned their strategies consisting of indicators prefer to use them and I too like certain indicators. Depending on the market behavior we can chose to combine bollinger band with some other indicators or chart patterns for a stronger confirmation.

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    Candlestick patterns are very effective and very powerful choices for earn in the market without any support of indicators because a lot of traders are not like the working principles of indicators that can produce only the false signals so earning from the indicators is not very obvious but if we are working on the simple candlestick patterns we don't need any indicator for earning.

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    Trading the forex market without indicator won't work because this tool play very important role cause without them it will be too hard for us to analyze the market correctly, indicator help to make things easier for us, it will be too hard for us to analyze the market well. So I think it's best we use indicator to assist our trading cause only then it will be easy for us to trade.

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