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Thread: Why I trade with candle sticks and no indicators

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    Candle stick trading pattern is effective if it is properly applied,there are so many candle stick patterns,what it means then is that we have to study all of them and understand how they work properly,were the pattern occurs is also of importance,when you have a candle stick pattern at a support or resistance zone it tends to be more accurate.
    I am agree with you , by follow the rules of market and to trade with discipline we can get the more secured earning through it so we need to choose the candlestick patterns which are erect in trade well and through the working skills and right knowledge and ith experience we can attain higher earning rates .

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    It is not really easy to trade forex with the candlesticks with no indicator, though it is possible but it won't be easy at all to trade forex using the candlesticks with no indicator, actually it is more simple for us to used the candlesticks with the assistance of some indicators this will make trading very simple and easy, trading with the naked chart is not easy at all.

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    Candlestick strategy is very safe and very effective in winning so earning can be possible with use of this effective method in our work so winning can be possible if we have good trade skills and also without indicators we can attain more helpful trade results in earning perfect results from this market so candlestick patterns are the good choices to avoid indicators.

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    The reason why I trade with the candle stick is that it is good. I also trade with the use of indicator some times, I don't think that trading with the use of candle stick alone will give us profits or not, but what matters is that you get to learn how your trading strategy works, learn it and then know how to improve your accuracy in making quality analysis.

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    the benefit using candlestick is you will be know the trend will comes by the pattern has created, the popular pattern it is pin bar and engulfing and the both is good as a signal when the both are created in the support and resistance levels, need a good study to learn more about this method.

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    I agree with all your points , you have well knowledge about the trading and i want to share our experience about the trading . The best method trading is the trading with good entry . this is the best way to earn a lots of money . when we properly design our trading we easily earn a lots of money .

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    i don't think it's actually possible to trade (successfully) only candlesticks. We need to draw a lot of other things besides the candlesticks and many of them can be replaced by better and more accurate calculations and other kinds of automation in the form of indicator. I understand the hippie trend of "naked charts" because most indicators are indeed useless, but there is no point of disregarding the whole technology because of that.
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    In this unlimited market if we trust on limited resouces so that will decrease our chances of wining, you are right about it that only candlestick does not give trader always wining and overall success to us , but if we want to work safely in this market we develop other resources as well for trading smoothly and for highly earning .

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    This is the best option to work with the simple candlestick patterns which are the way to earn money and have the skills of better working here without using the indicators in it so we have to pay the serious attentions on the simple methods that are not carry any trade tool for the perfections so we should use the better knowledge also in this regard .

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    We just have to make sure that any trading strategy we plan of using we should have the adequate experience and knowledge to make use of it, if you plan of using the candlesticks naked with no indicator then we should have a better experience and knowledge to use it very well, same thing if we plan of using the candlesticks with indicators.

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