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Thread: Why I trade with candle sticks and no indicators

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    Indicators always give us market trend late and to follow the late signals traders cannot make money from this business. Its better for us to rely on own skills and use these candlestick chart patterns in trading with proper planning as traders own skills and their experience is the best thing which gives traders easy earning. I prefer price action trading to any other ways of trading in order to achieve the daily profit targets.

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    I also give respect to the candlestick patterns that because of its good functioning and good learning as well so these are the better strategies as compared to other methods which can completely helpful to analyzing the market in the erect manners and also have the skills for working in the correct manners so we should use it with having good understanding .

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    Candlestick has a lot of different patterns which each of it has different and unique signal-giver for us to trade for many purposes. i think many traders out there finally decided not to take indicators to trade anymore because they can not get any clear understanding about indicator's rules and explanation to trade. so they find out that candlestick has easier explanation by the patterns, so they use it instead.

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    To trade on the candlestick patterns without using the indicator is the good phenomena because this is the good strategy for working and each trader could meet with lot of opportunities by using these strategies without involving any indicator for working so we should prefer these simple methods that good in functions without using the indicators .

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    We are never need to trust on indicators because indicators are never help traders to make money on this business. Candlestick chart patterns are help traders to make easy money and if traders want to use indicators on their trading they will never get any profit because indicators are always give us the market trend late that is reason its difficult to make money with use of indicators.

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    Every one has their reasons but then again, I think we all have to make sure that the reason why we are trading isn't going to cause us our money, because from my experience, the use of indicators has always served as a means of confirmation with the trades I take, therefore if not with the use of moving average, I wouldn't have been able to take a good profitable trade.

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    Trading with the candlesticks with no indicator is not bad, beside I consider this trading style as the best way to trade, the combination of different indicators to trade only confuse the trader, so it's best for use to be using the candlesticks with the trendline this strategy is simple and very effective too, so it's a good strategy we can always count on.

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    It is a complete formation for trader to work with the candlestick pattern , we have to work properly it will be the better option for successful trade , candlestick pattern is the most important way of trader it will give trader option of wining because with the use candlestick it will highly appropriate to make successful plan .

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    This is the best thread of the trading i like to trade with the candle sticks charts , this is the best way to earn a lot of money from the trading . I like to prefer the the candle stick charts as compared to the candle stick charts . we easily see the latest charts of the trading and use well way to earn money .

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    Indicators are give us easy earning and use strong indicators this is easy for traders to earn daily basis big pips earning from this business. The candle stick pattern is one best way of trading the market and you need to see the right way by which you can trade the market and to be able to trade effectively and benefit from it a trader must have knowledge of candle stick formation patterns.

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