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Thread: Price action basics part 4

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    First of all i would like to thank you for your efforts sir.
    And secondly i would also like to tell you that i am also a price action trader too. Lets both contribute :)

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    Hello brother known that working with the trend is the ideal way to trade and can choose indicators to help us determine the general direction of the currency price such as fibonacci corrective ratio is the best way to trade and get good results from trading we sell and buy in a very secure and profitable way the important thing is to master For a good indicator

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    price action really works well. you can't ignore this in trading business. So you must build up trading strategy with the price action. Price action strategy can tell you about the strength of the trend and give proper signals for entry

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    I analyzed that I saw that it was not difficult to trade because I knew that it was not difficult to be cheap and actually I did not do it myself, so I saw it was not difficult but I tried to learn but it was too expensive because it would be nice if I learned this analysis because he tell me the way I will use in this negotiation and I like the foreign exchange market because it is one of the best good ways and you will make successful trades one of them by using ma as favorite indicator

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