Fore its like chess game?
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Thread: Fore its like chess game?

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    Question Fore its like chess game?

    I think forex its like a chess game because you must have a plan or strategy to defeat your opponent here at forex you must defeat the market to take profit from it.Do you agree?

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    I would a agree with you to an extent that forex trading is like chess, because your next move have to be well calculated and well thought out before you make a move, you have to be focused and smart while trading because a little distraction might put you of balance and that would lead to wrong decision taking.

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    Yes Forex is like chess game.Just like in chess game you also need to plan,strategy and analysis to take your next step.As Forex trading is very risky business and chess is a risky game one wrong step and game will over.Forex trading include proper knowledge and skill to trade in this business and in chess game also you need knowledge and skill to play.

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    forex may looks like chess game because we need a plan and strategy in both of them to win and we need to think carefully before taking the decision to be to make it right because any mistake will lead to loss,so they are similar in many things,forex is risky business and needs good trader to know to trade successfully and make good profits from it

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    Forex trading is like a chess game because it is the challenge business in all over the world. a trader who have proper knowledge about the Forex trading ,good skill and you have well experience in the Forex trading business. you should be successful in the trading need to apply good plan and good strategy in both of them to win and we need to think carefully before taking decision.

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    Agree with you to the extent that foreign currency trading is like a game of chess, because the next step must be well-calculated and well thought out trading Forex is risky business too, and chess is a risky move for one game wrong before making the decision to have to make it right, because any error will leads to a loss, so they are similar in many things

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    Hello, I'm not exactelly with you I'm with you just in one point, its tru that we must defeat it with Patience, but the rest its to know what we do and understanding the shart in difirent times frame and be focus whene you enter but globally the shart have a way to walk we have just to find this way and go with it

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    Forex is not a game. Forex is the real business and in this business earning money has never be ends. It is the reliable business but if we treat it like a game and used much risk then we will get larger loss in forex. Proper planning is always be necessary for every trader.

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    yes i am agree with you this is mind game and we need strategy and trading plan to make any trade. with out any trading plan and analysis of market trend there is hard to get success so you can say this trading is like a chess

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    so many people have their own opinions about forex trading, some say that forex trading is like an ocean of money, trees of money, game and etc,and i guess they have some words about it based on the experiences, and i see that you have one about it, chess game, well, this is a good thing, because at this business, we face a dynamic movements and we do not know what will happen in the future, and then we just need to prepare everything with well, a plan, strategies or also how to face and handle unwanted situation

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