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Thread: Anger after loss excitement after profit both are bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutiekc View Post
    Well, whether we loss or make profits from the market, the most important thing is that we get to learn from it, personally on my own facet I see the market as a place where we would learn whether we make money or not we just have to learn from the profits or loss and keep on improving.
    yes, that is what i know that every trader has to be putting in consideration while they trade, they do not just trade, but looking at the right means to be doing their trading and making their money in that way too. 5radaing is for success when traders are brave.

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    Those two emotions are to be kept checked. If we are so much happen after making some winning in the market, I think there are more chances that the winning we have made turn to losses. Therefore there is no need to be so much excited because we have made some winning or be angry with losses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivanandfx View Post
    Well friends I am opening this thread from my own experience. My opinions may not be similar to every other traders. Those who think I am wrong can please share there thoughts.

    There can be happiness but not fun in trading There is some difference between the two. Happiness and fun. Profits in trading can make us happy but we can have fun from doing funny things or from tracking jokes or from playing some fun games. Also a trader can become sad when he loses money in trading. So both profits and losses are always there as part of a traders work. Professional traders try to keep a balance with both these two feelings. If we try to have fun from Forex trading then we can make our trading a funny or careless thing.

    Excitement after profit
    It is natural that when we see our work giving positive results we become happy. After all we can never become like computers continuing trading unaffected of whether we get profits or loss. So becoming happy is quite natural and also good. But a trader should not get excited excessively. Because excess excitement is an emotion which can make a trader over confident or greedy or impatient. And when he trades with these emotions he may get losses in his further trading.

    Anger after loss
    We do not do all the analysis and planning that we end up getting a loss or hit our stop loss. But losses will come in trading and it is natural that a trader becomes sad for his losses. Some sadness is natural but again the trader should not become angry or start trading to revenge the market. Trading with anger or trading for a revenge is only going to give us more losses. Anger makes our mind disturbed and with disturbed mind we cannot take correct trading calls and will surely make more mistakes. So a stable mind which is free from these emotions is always best for our trading.

    this is what I experienced myself. when I experience considerable loss I sometimes cry. really embarrassing indeed. but this is one of the ways I vent my emotions and sadness. after crying I usually got up and got excited again. Keep in mind that profit is not too easy, so later if you suffer losses you do not feel overwhelmed

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    Very Knowledge.
    Feelings are not that bad actually. We shouldn't avoid them, I think it's far better if we get to feel the most of them, both positive and negative emotions. That is what gives trading a purpose.
    The bad part about emotions is not just feeling and enjoying them, but letting them influence our trading. That happens if we don't have enough rules or we don't follow them diligently.
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    Profit and loss is necessary part of forex. Peoples who think they will always get profit on forex business then they are living in foolish heaven. In forex business your emotions are main thing if you can control your motion then you can became a good trader. never regret on loss and never be greedy on profit. set your daily profit and loss limits.

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    The most enemy for trader is not another but her self. Exactly is his emotion or bad emotion look likes anger. In trading always be there profit and lose in trading. the most important that the trader can to receive every risk in every trading in marker. I am always impressive with younger trader who can not handle her self when trading, this will to take the way bad for his careers as traders.
    Trade with your eyes and not trading with what you wish impossible

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    Sometimes emotions could help trader to improve his performance. For example, trader could feel inspiraion after profitable trade, so he will work better willing to make other profitable trade, while after losing trade he will do his best to deal with the mistakes to avoid such negative feelings in future.
    But if we speak about the emotions arising during the trading process, the situation is quite opposite. Emotional trading is the quickest way to blow up the entire account. Such amotions like greed or fear, quite coomon for all traders, could lead to wrong trading decisions based not on the results of proper analysis of current market situation, but solely on emotional feeling itself. To deal with this issue, trader needs a detiled trading plan developed in accordance with his trading strategy. It is important to develop plan before entering the position to eliminate the impact of emotions. When trader already has an opened position, his understanding of the situation will no longer be unbiased since he will try to find confirmation that his opinion is correct. That is why preparation is so important.
    Another way to deal with emotions is to improve discipline. Trader should be able to act in accordance with the rules prescribed by trading system despite all emotions otherwise the results would be unpredictable. It is possible only when the strategy fits preferrable trading style, so it is comfortable for trader to use it. Each trader should choose the strategy depending on his psycological features, because it would be uncomfortable for the swing trader to act as a scalper or vice versa.

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