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    parabolic sar is one of the best indicators for determination of the trend and it will work effectively if the trend is strong and so this can give better results and the profits will be more and more, the trader needs to wait until the indicator form a new direction and then he can trade with it to maximize the profits and decrease the loses always.

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    I think you have possessed the capacity to profit from this pointer. I frequently exchange with xauusd is the pointer can be utilized with this match. In the event that yes may I know the achievement rate. I think you have likewise utilized this marker in blend. So please disclose to me what mix you lean toward.

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    do you think that this is enough? I think you are not a serious and perhaps this was a joke only. A lot of the traders use this indicator but do you think that everyone win? So why they lose in spite of using this indicator so we know that the success is a complete system and not only indicator

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    It is good to know the function or feature of the Parabolic Index, you have described this very good partner, I have a question to you. If I used Parabolic Sources in my chart, how can I manage external market conditions? How to deal with it in the bed market? Hope you do not mind the mate and answer my question, this is a new guide for me, so I'm very interesting about it.

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