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    [langtitle=id]Fractal Indicator[/langtitle]

    [lang=id]Fractal is used as lagging indicator to know the trend of the market. It is called lagging because you need several data of the past closed prices before you can determine the trend. In Meta trader 4, it is described as up and down arrow. Even though it is a lagging indicator, it has several good functions such as to know how strong or weak the resistances are, to draw a trend line which is either bullish or bearish, and to see if the price consolidated or not.

    As in the above picture shown, I draw several lines to show how to use fractal to see how strong the support and resistance were. Red line and blue line show the support level while the purple and yellow line show the resistance level. As we can see, if it can break the resistance which is supported by 3 arrows, there will be a possibility that the break will be very high. So more arrows can be described as a stronger resistance or support level.

    The above picture showed the indicator can be used to see the trend of the market. As from now, it is entering bear condition which I suspect will last if it can break the resistance.

    It can be used to tell if the market price is consolidated or not. In the picture above, I draw a circle to show the position of the consolidation. When it can’t break the support level, the price will consolidate and we should wait for the next break before we are deciding to trade again.
    My opinion about fractal indicator was it could not be used as a standalone indicator since it is a lagging indicator. Normally, it is used best with alligator indicator. But, for me, it is also good to use moving average indicator along with fractal to know if it is a signal or not.[/lang]

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    It is decent sharing that yet utilizing one pointer like this to decide the pattern and finish up isn't adequate on the grounds that that may in any case should be affirmed by other marker. I am not saying that the utilization of numerous markers is great yet anyway the utilization of simply just a single pointer could be excessively deceptive . I utilize fractal pointer however it is excessively slacking for my preferring so I require another thing to channel it.

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