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    Indicator CCI

    I would like to discuss about Indicator CCI review in this Thread or contest. "Forex Indicator's" is a new style of contest, and I am ready to share my review on this with all forum members, moderator's and admin. It's great that admin sir brining many new contests every year in this forum and forum member's are taking full advantage of it.

    Description of Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

    The full form of CCI is Commodity Channel Index developed by Donald Lambert,. CCI is an oscilator indicator that helps trader's to show an currency pair or commodity overbought and oversold position. This indicator show the end of a trend and a change in direction. This is a good indicator for scalper's, and good oscilator like stochastic. This type of indicator helps trader's to enter in the trend when it begin, or exiting the trade's when market trend move against you.

    Calculation of Overbought and Oversold:

    The calculation of overbought and oversold position is very easy in it. When market will go above +100 then its a overbought condition and after that price may start moving down, and when market will go below -100 then its a oversold condition and after that price may start moving up.

    Features of CCI

    1. CCI is a good indicator and give better signals on starting of a major trend in the market. If trader's have a good skill and experience of the market, then they can use CCI to make their trading confirmation more stronger to enter in trend market on a right time.

    CCI 2.JPG

    2. CCI is a good indicator for scalper's. If you have a very low target of pips on monthly bases then you can use cci in your trading strategy to use as a scalper indicator. Scalper's can use CCI in H1 and lower time frames.

    3. There are a lot of trader's in forex market who like to do trade with the concept of divergence and convergence, this is also a good indicator's for these type of trader's. There are many types of effective indicator's for divergence and convergence trading in meta trader 4 and CCI is one of them

    4. CCI is a very good indicator for breakout trading system too, because they concept of trading is always same in this indicator, When market will go above positive 100 then there is possibility of sell, and when market will go below negative 100 then there may be a possibility of buy, but trader's should have a very good experience of breakout trading system first and they need a lot of demo practice and real trading experience for it.


    Setting of CCI Indicator in Meta trader

    Now days there is no need to install CCI manually in any mt4 terminal. If you are using robo forex mt4 terminal then directly to your mt4 insert page, and from there you can select cci indicator. The custom setting of all default mt4 indicators are always best so I would suggest everyone to use the default setting in CCI.

    My Opinion regarding CCI Indicator..

    As far I know about CCI, its a good indicator for scalper's, In short term time frames a very good trading is possible with the help of CCI overbought and oversold concept. One more thing that is trading experience, most of all trader's have their own trading characteristic's, trader's can take their own timing to learn this type of trading concept. So I would suggest all novice trader's or those trader's who want to use CCI indicator in trading, they should start with demo testing first.

    Trader's can use other oscilator indicator's with cci to get a best quality of confirmation, because there is no control of any types of indicator's on the forex market. Don't forget the number one rules of this business to apply in trading that is Risk management and Money management. See Ya

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