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    CCI is famous and widely used indicator y the traders and so the indicator can be used alone or combined within a strategy and so the trader can test it alone first then see the results and then he can add it to his strategy and see the results also then decide in which manner he wants to use and then he can choose the best for his trading.

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    Goodness I see, that is cool for a hawker pointer CCI could be a decent determination since its a slacking marker and if a merchant have great experience of its learning in scalping procedure at that point there is a probability to increase great benefit from the utilization of CCI and scalping exchanging system in forex. I am not a hawker so not have any desire to utilize this pointer, but rather will propose it to all scalper's.

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    I see this is good topic but don't forget that there are a lot of variables that occur in the market of trading and this is also needs to develop our strategies this is necessary too. Don't stand at one strategy no matter how because success will be temporary and not a permanent

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    This is another example of the trending scalping technique, I'm learning about the old one, which you shared yesterday, I'm mostly using the H1 time frame so I'm very satisfied with yesterday, I'll also practice with this, it's also interesting looking. But you have not answered my last question, are you still using this technique?

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