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    zigzag is my favorite indicator and i always add it to my strategy because it helps me to find the support and resistance levels and help me to find good trading positions too, i can not trade without it because it is a good helpful for me, but i think it should not be used alone but used with another indicators or tools to get better signals.

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    I am very happy to participate in this topic and I would like to say that this indicator through my real experience is one of the best indicators that give me wonderful results only the secret is to use the appropriate framework and this is the secret
    In the success of this beautiful indicator
    Thank you for this offer again and the beautiful information is useful[/lang]

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    Quote Originally Posted by hosny55 View Post
    I may have a very different point of view related to the usage of any of the indicators found on the mt4 . like zigzag . I think that most of them are very possible to be used as filter to our point of trading . not to depend on them to trade solely . as they most of times are not trusted .
    There are no single indicator giving 100% true signals, so this is not about trusted or not trusted, but all indicators are created to help us in terms of doing the market analysis. Zigzag can detect support and resistance, while we know that most of the times support and resistance can become as overbought and oversold, but do not forget that there are exceptions in this case, there is no permanent support and resistance in the forex market. The logic of zigzag similar to upper bands and lower bands of bollinger bands.

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    using of zigzag only is risky because it is not the indicator that gives accurate signals and so i prefer to use it with another tools and do not use it alone, i use it mainly for determination of the support and resistance points and so this help me during analysis of the market because it gives more clear idea about the conditions of the market.

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    As far I think about moving normal its outstanding among other pointer's that is the reason we can see too many client's of moving normal marker in this discussion, I am likewise utilizing moving normal (EMA 200), and applying it on Daily diagram. The fortunate thing around 200 EMA is that on the off chance that we get a decent passage point in day by day outline at that point there is a plausibility to increase great pips from one single exchange.

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    zigzag indicator is good to be used,basically it better used to determine turning point on the market,we all know the market is always moving in wave and this is why such indicator it good to be use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forexlearner View Post
    Welcome to this thread friends, I am participating in all robo forex forum contests, and here we go. There is one more contest for us, where we can share our indicator's features and can give a best education to forum members. The title of my thread is Indicator Zigzag, and in this thread I am going to right a review on Zigzag Indicator. I am very thankful to forum admin that robo forex forum bringing new contests on time to time for all forum member's.

    Description : I am a swing trader so I like to use zig zag indicator in my trading system. I have a very good experience of zig zag so want to describe more about this indicator. You can use zig zag indicator to follow the market trend, to check the momentum of the market, and to check the reversal points during trading. Its a very powerful indicator for those trader's who using fibonacci tool in trading. Zig zag indicator also a good indicator to find out the dynamic support and resistance points, other pattern's like double top, double bottom, triple top, triple bottom, head and shoulder, inverted head and shoulder etc. So its a complete package for trader's.

    Zig Zag Features: There are many features of zig zag indicator they are as follows:

    I. This is a very good news for those trader's who like to use fibonacci retracements and elliot waves because these use the concept of swing high swing low. Even in more other patterns in which we can apply the concept of swing high and low this indicator could be effective there too.

    II. It give a clear indicator about a strong market uptrend and a strong bearish downtrend market confirmation. Its not very scary, or complex indicator like other's, We have to just implement it on our chart and it will still make our chart very clean and easy for analysis. The action of zig zag on chart is very smooth.

    Attachment 12571

    III. Zig zag provide consistency in trading, because it would not give you a lot of false signals. Which is essential for removing mistakes and evaluating your trading performance. All we know that consistency is our main objective in this field, which could make us a professional trader.

    IV. Zig zag produce a good pattern's knowledge to trader's. The most important things is trader's can learn about the important support and resistance with the help of zig zag indicator. Because its automatically create lines on Major support and resistance points and create a strong support and resistance area every time.

    Attachment 12572

    V. Its not only about support and resistance, trader's can learn more from double top and double bottom patter, Triple top and triple bottom pattern, Head and shoulder pattern, Inverted head and shoulder pattern, etc. I have gained a very good experience of these all pattern's in last 1 year through the help of zig zag indicator.

    Zig Zag Setting In Mt4 Terminal:
    1. First of all you have to download the Zig zag indicator for your mt4 terminal.

    Attachment 12573

    2. Now click on insert and choose Zig zag.
    3. Just apply zig zag on mt4 terminal charts.
    4. It will appear in mt4 terminal screen, there is nothing very tough to understand about zig zag indicator, its a simple indicator and you can apply easily this on your mt4 chart.

    Drawbacks of Zig Zag Indicator: There are couple of draw backs of zig zag indicator they are as follows.
    I. Make sure that you are no searching for any holy grail on the net, because there is no holy grail trading system in this world. This indicator would not give you 100% winning signals.

    II. Follow proper trading plans, and enter with plan b always, some time you can get false signals by zig zag.

    III. Follow the major trend when you enter in the market, and then you can avoid the short term trend, or reversal in the market. In a major trend you can get best advantage from this indicator, otherwise less experience of it could be harmful for you.

    IV. Zig zag perform also good in sideways market but make sure that you are following the market trend first. You can use the horizontal lines in your mt4 terminal, with the use of zig zag indicator to gain some profit in sideways or ranging market. Don't depend much upon sideways market condition, because its less effective and there is big risk and less reward in it.

    My Recommendations: I am using zig zag since a very long time now, and I mostly like to follow the differ types of pattern in this indicator, I mostly follow major support and resistance points and wait for double top, double bottom, head and shoulder etc. You can also apply the same analysis in the market.

    Don't ever try to take 20 to 30% per trade, because many novice trader's start to take indicator's their buy and sell signals, I will say again that there is no holy grail in forex. So its essential to use proper money management and risk management in trading.

    I hope you found this to be a beautiful Indicator Zig Zag thread. And once again I am very thankful to read my thread. Have a awesome day.
    dear brother it is a good indicator that i ever used in my trading strategies and analysis by using this we can find the support and resistance easily without using the horizontal lines it is the good one indicator newbies should have to use it in their trading analysis for better results

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    What a great thread companion, those who want to use technical analysis for the trader is a good indicator. And I'm one of them, you've really explained in a great way that how we can learn about different kinds of patterns with this zag zag. I'm still not using this index, after testing your thread's screenshot, it's really necessary to use this index. Fantastic, about my support and resistance to my trading so it's a big bonus for me

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    zigzag is good indicator for trading and making of money but i do not use it alone but i use it with another indicators to get more confirmation and help for finding of good positions,the indicator is good for determination of the trend and support and resistance levels and so the trader can analyze the market better with it and trade better.

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