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    may be this indicator is good but now i have no idea about it. i am just trying to understand it and get some skills for Forex trade business

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    I love zigzag indicator because market is move within the trend and follow the zigzag pattern when its move in any direction. If market is goes up then its must down some level also then again goes up. So we need to use the zigzag in our trading because its help us a lot to know the market next trend and levels that are help us to enter and exit in the market.

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    Thank you for sharing this information with us.I hope,zigzag is a difference indicator from others indicators.Always,we can use the indicator. We could find good resistance and support position from using zigzag indicator.We can take a small pips by use the indicator.Zigzag is my common indicator.

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    [lang=ar]Zdzaj index is an indicator that we can determine which of the peaks and bottoms with ease it be very clear in the drawn with
    It is located in the index all platforms that is, when you install the platform, this index steadies them
    And find it in the list of indicators[/lang]

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    Well ZigZag indicator doesn't identify or helps to figure out the trend, to be in precise, moreover, you'll never know when the "Trend" is changed.
    If you're talking about Swing highs and swing lows during a day, that's something else, let me bring somethin' to your knowledge, when trend (Actual Trend) changes, it would may form multiple Higher highs or lower lows, in such case your preposition will beocme invalid!

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    used to work with the makesup projects of EA system with the use of Zigzag indicator as the main signal as referring option, that different selection of decision to work as occupying use with the Harmonics or Gartley gives as the best on chance as trader to collects of supports with the strength on confidence as opening position to submit with the secure of risks and works on following that the system scores with the good point to compete of target with the regular terms of trading.

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    [lang=ar]I like the way you described about the curly pointer in this thread, before I didn't have much interest in it, but now I'm very much interested about that when you say we can use a moving average with this pointer to generate good and accurate signals, I always like to say that I like the average transition, My favorite time frame is daily, it will be interesting soon I'll test the average movement of 50 and zig zag.[/lang]

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    I think zigzag indictors so nice indicators in the forex platform. Basically, this is a custom indicator. and everybody using this indicator for support and resistance identification. but we can use this indicator with bollinger band. becaus both indicators very useful in the forex market. and this is famous trading strategy
    Don't loss you hope.

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    I like using Zigzag indicator in my trading also because it helps me to determine the lowest and the highest of the candle because of my trading system. When Zigzag indicator is well combined with the some indicators like MACD or MA it will helps to determine the entry point and it will helps to avoid the lagging of the Zigzag. Sometimes , when this Zigzag indicators is not combine with a trend indicator , the trader may not be able to know the perfect entry point because of the lagging of the indicator but when it is combined well, the trader will get better result.

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    zigzag is best indicator i am swing trader so for my best zig zag trading i am using of indicator zigzag. i am always like to say that i love zigzag indicator i am using of this indicator more than 1 year and i am part time trader i can perform long trades by zigzag

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