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    Indicator Ichimoku

    Hello guys, I think this is my 2nd or 3rd contest in which, I would like to write a review about Ichimoku indicator. I very thankful to robo forex forum moderator's and admin that they give us a great opportunity to learn and earn from this type of contest. Its much differ from all old contests. I am very happy that I am becoming a part of this great contest.

    Introduction of Indicator Ichimoku:
    The Ichimoku is one of the popular indicator in the market, and designed to help and tell the trader's about market price trend. Trader's could get good trend direction, dynamic support and resistance areas, and trading signals from ichimoku indicator. Most of new trader's can get confused when they use this indicator first time on their chart, It could be little bit scary but one they will use it then they will able to know the real beauty of this indicator.

    There are many indicators in mt4 terminal but to know about the best trend analysis people have a very good choice of Ichimoku indicator for it. This type of indicator's are mostly beneficial for those trader's who like to do swing trading, or like to use technical analysis in their trading. Trader's need some demo trading practice with Ichimoku and they will surely able to get best benefit from it. Most of trader's who use Ichimoku the "could" is one of the dominant factor for them. I will discuss more about the "cloud" function later.

    Ichimoku Indicator Features

    (a) Easy Trend Confirmation: It is very easy to know about the current market condition on you forex chart when you apply Ichimoku Indicator on your chart. Now I would like to discuss the cloud function of this indicator, so listen when price is above the cloud then it indicate a uptrend trend signal and when market price is belove the cloud the it indicator a bearish or downtrend signal. Its a very easy formula to calculate market trend in it.

    Trend Ichimoku.JPG

    (b) Support and resistance prediction: Its easy to predict the future support and resistance points when you use ichimoku indicator on our chart. You can get a clear idea about the future support and resistance points with the help of pullbacks in a uptrend or a down trend market.

    Trend 2 Ichimoku.JPG

    (c) Crossover signals by Ichimoku: Its also very easy to calculate a cross over signal with the use of ichimoku indicator. When Red line crossing the blue line from above to below then its a downtrend signal, and when Red line crossing blue line from below to upside then its a uptrend signal.

    Trend 3.JPG

    (d) Trend momentum: To get a long term trend advantage we have to check the momentum of the market, by using red line and blue line formula. When Red line moving down and away from the blue line then its a down trend market momentum, same like this when red line moving up and away from the blue line then is a uptrend market momentum.

    Limitations of Ichimoku Indicator: All we know that no indicator move the market, they are just related to the future market movement prediction. Ichimoku is a good trend following indicator, but every indicator is less effective in some market conditions. Ichimoku would give you a very strong and better signal in larger trending market. Some time it could generate false or misleading signals too.

    Indicator Setting:
    There is no new setting to use in Ichimoku indicator you have to use open your terminal, and have to click on insert, then just choose Ichimoku indicator. Use the custom setting of Ichimoku indicator and don't change any setting in it.

    My own opinion and recommendation about Ichimoku:

    Ichimoku indicator is a useful indicator, especially for all novice trader's who want some help regarding trend direction analysis, market trend momentum, support and resistance analysis, spotting trend reversals etc. Trader's will still need to control their risk, their psychology properly, their stop loss wisely. The use of ichimoku indicator is only scary if you don't know how to use this indicator on your chart so first do some demo practice with it. Better to follow long term trend positions with Ichimoku.

    Thanks for reading my thread, and if you have any query about the indicator then you can post your comment about that. Bye Bye
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