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Thread: Security of your money

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    it is very simple to protect my money of robo forex......... But we should be alart. if any one know your password its too risk cause he/she can hack your account and can transfer your Bonus money...........

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    Roboforex is a very good broker house and their rules are very strict. after completing registration one's profile be hidden. Money is very save here.Without knowing knowing pesonal data no one can withdraw money.

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    should not be worried about security.

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    roboforex safe each and every individual particulars as well as protection associated with cash. whenever safe your individual particulars it is extremely hard to recognize any kind of accounts. so that your cash 100% conserve. simply because with regard to pull away you'll need your individual particulars whenever you surrender enrollment period.

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    I have joined in this forum yesterday. I have no idea about roboforex money security. After researching your comments i think it's secure. Am I right?

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    Roboforex broker at a very good and they are very strict rules.upon completion of the registration profile to hide .Money can be withdraw without anyone knowing very here.without pesonal information that is stored.

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    roboforex secure every personal details and security of money.when secure your personal details it's very difficult to identify any your money 100% save.because for withdraw you need your personal details when you give in registration time.

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    There is no chance that someone steal your money because roboforex Security is Highly tight when you open a account a page appears with your account number and password at this time if you did not save if then you will not get it by email you will got it by asking to customer support.

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    I believe roboforex is a perfect brokerage so I don't a fair for my security of money. I am new here but my confidence is strong because Forex is a good job and it drilled by the brokerage's. I hope if we set up strong password that will be the strong security.

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    Forex trading is very secure. You can definately trust RoboForex with your money because there is no fraud invlove so it secure your money and reward you on your hard work and time which you put on here.

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