[lang=id]We will always think that "if we didn't close it then we will absolutely make a large deal of money in here."
But sometimes we will just think like "if we didn't close the deal yesterday then i would have already lost quite a lot of money now."
So what exactly is the right one in here actualy?
Here it is!

1. Make sure that our target already reached

Just in case that any worst scenario happened in this business, we need to be satisfied only with the current profit we got anyway. If we just want to make unlimited profit then we will pay the price when we loss it quite big. SO if we reach the target better close it.

2. Make a lot of research if we want to hold position

Let's say that we are i losing position but we are very reluctant to close our own position in here, then we need to make a research first whether the current price is dangerous or not. Once we have deducted that current condition is bad, then we better close the loss before we loss even more in te end.[/lang]