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Thread: Mobile metatrader and costume indicators

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    Quote Originally Posted by taqiniazi View Post
    I don't think that Meta Trader for mobile is an good idea! it is because its very difficult to understand the real time data using Mobile terminal of Meta Trader. But MT4 for mobile is only good for closing , editing the open orders . you are not able to set up your own indicators on MT4 Mobile terminal.
    You said that because you're not suitable with it. It's difficult for you to understand because you're not get used to it. Otherwise, some people like to use it and prefer to use it rather than using laptop or PC to trade. Most reasons why traders like to trade using mobile because they can carry it easily and keep it in their pocket. Beside that, some people also use notebook that have smaller size than laptop.

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    Personally i am not a big fan of the mobile version of the MT4 as it has its limitations. You can try the android version of the MT4. It is probably the best mobile MT4 version.
    I don't know about the ios version of the MT4 as i do not own any Apple devices (they are quite expensive in India).

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    yes i also used mt4 terminal on mobile, i also facing this problem too because i have paid indicator for indication but i cannot use it on my mobile. i mostly trade on mobile but due to unavailability of custom indicator i force to use my laptop for trading. But no this indicator is over and i doing trading on mobile according to technical and fundamental analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibrar123 View Post
    I dont have use any idicator because its my opinion manual trading is more usefull for robo trading indicators trades.
    Dear ibrar123, here we were not talking about manual or indicator trading system. Here we talked about mobile metatrader and its relation with custom indicators. Please pay attention to the title of the thread to avoid infractions.

    Anyway, you may said that because you didn't know how to use it well, same like me. I didn't use indicator but trade with manual method and technical tools such as trend lines crossing or support resistance level.

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    Unfortunately, the developers are still making such mobile platforms where traders can use their own custom made indicators as well as EA's 24 hours 7 days a week as many people now are trading with their own custom made indicators and rely on them . so even i am still waiting.

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    yes there are many indicators which are not available in mobile mt4 and also they are also lack of some useful tools like Fibo retracement and trend lines etc. i think we cant use custom indicators in mobile platform as they have default indicators which we can only use.

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    i guess all metatrader4 for smartphone are same, i used android and install it in there, and i only used default indicators and till now i do not know how to set my own indicators, but it is enough for me, because the best indicator is candlestick and i only use it,

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    Quote Originally Posted by HendiSTR View Post
    i always using mobile metatraders for trading and sometimes if i busy i used this mobile for iphone...simple and easilier for using metatrader for trading..if you using metatrader for phone you cannot costume
    I cant think of a way to trade without a phone with mobile mt4 installed on it. Although I mostly use EAs, at times is necessary to close positions, or lock them. So far am happy with the iphone version. Never tried android, but know many, that say there is no big difference between the two.

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    i also think that the android version of the meta trader would be better for you because the android applications are much better than that of the apple's and i am sure it would be having more features than the normal apple applications and you can enjoy it much better.

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    The samsung android is very nice for help our trading, we can trading forex anywhere, and whatever. Before use the android for trading please download MT4 for mobile so you can install in your mobile and happy trading with your mobile, but you can not enter the costume indicator to your mobile Mt4 like in your PC or laptop, but it's OK, I usually use the mobil just for control My Position If I open Position usually in Pc or laptop

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