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    Indicator Alligator

    creator alligator indicator is a technical expert / Chartis who developed the concept Chaos Theory and special effects that occur in the market. he found one of the tips Forex trading success is to know market trends is random. Are you fully aware of the Fundamental Analysis? It has less effect on your goal of trading is consistent profit. I can do the technical analysis for a profit consistent with the aspects before the start of Trading: know yourself and understand the market structure with alligator indicator

    Features and principles of indicator

    upload imagem

    Alligator's Jaw (the blue line) is an indicator Simple Moving Average periods 13 , shift 8, method smoothed, apply to Midian price (High + Low) / 2
    Alligator's Teeth (the red line) is an indicator Simple Moving Average period 8, shift 5, method smoothed, apply to Midian price (High + Low) / 2
    Alligator's Lips (the green line) is an indicator Simple Moving Average period 5 , shift 3, method smoothed, apply to Midian price (High + Low) / 2

    Alligator indicator to determine the trend is moving Up or Down. In accordance with the explanation jaw, teeth and lips sequentially and pointing upwards without crossing the Trend Up, and vice versa.*

    The bottom line is short-term trend (period 5) in line with the medium-term trend (period 8) and is also in line with the long-term trend (period 13). So once again each trend line should not be crossed sequentially and, thus forming like a crocodile's mouth, if upward (uptrend), that's means BUY or down (downtrend), that's means SELL.

    personal opinion and recommendations concerning this indicator

    The default parameters of the Alligator was 13/8/5. I can use as a comparison parameter 8/5/3. I see that the parameters 8/5/3 sharper than 13/8/5. because I use a style intraday trading, and use the time frame H 1

    to be continuous...

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    On the off chance that you need to exchange by the book the Alligator doesn't really give signals - it is to be utilized with Fractals and the passage ought to accord a Fractal. There is the genuine Fractal section - for instance if Alligator is opening mouth upwards we search for the last best Fractal and yet a purchase stop arrange appropriate above it. There is the Balance Line passage - for instance Alligator is additionally opening mouth upwards we search for a base Fractal framing above it and purchase when that base is affirmed - the primary higher bar or something.

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    It's a very new indicator for me to tell the truth, but the good thing is that the participants are made very good threads in this competition. It's a best trend tracking index, like moving averages. But I have a question to you that can I use this index in the long-term timing frame, such as the Ngalapreceh H4 and the Daily Chart? I mostly trade in long-term time frames only.

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