[lang=id]Less volatile and high volatility will produce different result in this business. If we keep making position in a very high volatile market then we might just loss quite a lot of money or even we can make quite a lot of money. If we enter quite big in a volatile market then we will be able to make quite the money for sure without any doubt. But that won't be the same case as for the new traders. Sometimes they confused since they did not know when they need to close and in the end that profit become a loss. That is something we need to avoid in this business for the greater good.

the volatility is an option as well. There are pairs that won't move at all, almost unbridgeable and there are pairs that will move crazily as well. Depending on our own knowledge and our risk profile, we need to choose the pair volatility that will bring us greater result.

Such as if you are lacking in the confidence then trading the less volatile pair will help you to get quite a lot of confidence i believe.[/lang]