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Thread: Questions and answers on the contest "Week with CFD"

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    trading,cfd,forex ,pam acounts mangments
    the real acount nomber to be transferred to is acount nomber 2769918 thats if i should send you msg contanining my acount nomber so here it is as i wrote :)
    and thanks alot
    i won forth place in cfd week contest nomber 218th competition
    name DONRJ

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    This contest is amazing, the best for roboforex (y)

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    Basically I love life and I love living life.
    Hello, Could anybody know when we get winning prize of contest Well I'm 10th place in Week with CFD Contest..

    Thanks Team Robo Forex Ltd

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    Hey Sir, Can you tell me why are you disqualified my account from Week With CFD contest. Can you tell where i can violation the rules of contest.
    Please tell me my violation about the contest.

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    The RoboForex Company reserves the right to:
    - disqualify any participant with no advance notice or without giving any particular reason of disqualification, if the violation of the contest rules on the part of the participant is too obvious;
    One has the right to file a complaint concerning the contest results during one business day after the results are announced. Complaints are to be sent to

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    Can i use any indicator for trading during the contest.

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    Yes you can.

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    Hey there. How can I keep track on what position I am at in the contest. Is it possible to see my progress against others?

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