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    Contest "Forex indicators"

    Dear users!

    Administration of Roboforex forum is glad to announce new contest "Forex indicators"! All you have to do is to describe your experience of using any indicator of your choice, explaining it’s features, advantages/disadvantages, settings e t.c.

    Any registered user can participate in this contest.

    Contest is held between May 5 and May 28, 2015.
    Results will be announced – May 29, 2015.
    Prizes will be transfered - June 1, 2015.

    Rules of the contest:

    1. You choose indicator from a list below and leave request for writing review of this indicator in this thread. After moderator confirms your request, you can start writing a review;
    2. You create a thread for review with title, confirmed by moderator;
    3. You publish review in created thread. It should contain:
      • Description of indicator;
      • Features and principles of indicator;
      • Settings of indicator;
      • Supporting screenshots;
      • Your personal opinion and recommendations concerning this indicator;

    4. You attach file containing this indicator to the thread;
    5. Text of your review has to be unique. We do not accept copypast. Thread with copypasted text will be deleted and will not be eligible for winning the prize in the contest;
    6. Participant can create several threads. However, next thread can be created only after completion of previous thread. Duplicating threads is prohibited;
    7. Request is canceled if participant hasn’t created thread with review after 2 days of accepting request from moderator. In this case, topic becomes available for other participants.

    List of available topics:

    List of available topics

    1. Indicator ADX nkhan2810
    2. Indicator Alligator ngalapreceh
    3. Indicator ATR
    4. Indicator Bollinger Вands lawners1791
    5. Indicator CCI Khimi234
    6. Indicator DeMarker
    7. Indicator Elliott Wave nsawork
    8. Indicator Envelopes ANANDCHENNAI
    9. Indicator Fractal Vicko
    10. Indicator Heiken Ashi Hukam
    11. Indicator Ichimoku Earnperfect
    12. Indicator MACD Azis Muslim
    13. Indicator Momentum sekiryutei
    14. Indicator Moving Average Ashviniurs
    15. Indicator Parabolic SAR PROPENSITY100
    16. Indicator RSI
    17. Indicator Stochastic Abhishekwala
    18. Indicator Volume Doge
    19. Indicator Wolf Waves
    20. Indicator ZigZag forexlearner
    21. Indicator Classic Pivot Points Doge


    Participants, who will write best reviews, will win prizes.

    We will evaluate:

    1. Quality of content;
    2. Number of symbols (it has to be more than 1000 excluding spaces, but the more the better);
    3. Activity of users in a thread;
    4. Number of “thumbs up” clicks.


    1st place - 75$;
    2nd place - 60$;
    3rd place - 45$;
    4th place - 30$;
    5th place - 25$;
    6th place - 20$;
    7th place - 20$;
    8th place - 15$;
    9th place - 10$;
    10th place - 10$.

    Number of places can be decreased due to insufficient quantity of threads or insiffucient parameters of some threads.

    You can ask any questions concerning this contest in this thread.

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

    Not allowed!
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    Please read this mate:

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

    You will get your contest reward in your forum account first, from there you have to make a request of withdrawal and after that you will get your communicative bonus plus contest reward in your real trading account (734351) on 6th of the month,

    Bonus deposit to the account is executed on 6th monthly. In case the sixth falls on a weekend, the deposit will be executed on the first working day after the weekend.

    Not allowed!

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