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I equally experienced that event in 2008 though I was a baby trader then because I only had two years of trading experience. I saw myself selling GBP/JPY and I did not know why the pair had to crash seriously like that until I got to know that big players were moving their money to less risky assets they considered safe haven as at then and now I know better that such a case is called "flight to safety".
well, you have a lot of experience in forex, more than 10 years, it was amazing.

I'm sure you enjoy the profit from your short position at that time. I was also a baby trader at the time, but I trade with traditional market logic, and it makes me lose a lot of money in GBP/JPY, I don't know about safe haven and Flight to safety at that time, I only know a few years after that. Actually it's a very favorable situation for traders to follow the trend, but maybe CHF is still the king of safe haven currency.