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    I equally experienced that event in 2008 though I was a baby trader then because I only had two years of trading experience. I saw myself selling GBP/JPY and I did not know why the pair had to crash seriously like that until I got to know that big players were moving their money to less risky assets they considered safe haven as at then and now I know better that such a case is called "flight to safety".
    well, you have a lot of experience in forex, more than 10 years, it was amazing.

    I'm sure you enjoy the profit from your short position at that time. I was also a baby trader at the time, but I trade with traditional market logic, and it makes me lose a lot of money in GBP/JPY, I don't know about safe haven and Flight to safety at that time, I only know a few years after that. Actually it's a very favorable situation for traders to follow the trend, but maybe CHF is still the king of safe haven currency.

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    the fundamentals can be known as well for all the traders . but the thing which they may go different is the executing way or the general translation for the real understanding for these fundamentals . thus the results get different and here we have professionals and less professionalism according to the way they use the fundamentals of the market which they have .

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    Many forex traders may assume that forex trading can be an easy thing. But in actual fact it is a fully wrong concept. If any trader wants to earn adequate trading profit then he must try to ensure work with right trading methodologies and strategies. Even the progress in trading decisions of a trader should be based on market circumstances so that he can adapt his whole trading voyage in resourceful behavior.

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