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    how to draw the correct trend line, for a bearish trend and for a bullish trend?

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    how to draw the correct trend line, for a bearish trend and for a bullish trend?
    Use top and bottom points on H1, H4 timeframes

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    Using a trend line sometimes can be difficult but its always good that we sometimes put it into consideration, the way I usually trade is by putting together a number of indicators and making them work all at once, thus this makes it easy to minimize the large number of mistakes or sometimes I could mis a trade in some position but its usually very right to understand how to put together the right indicators which must include the MADC, stochastics and the Moving average itself, these is a combination that usually works well for me

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    To my mind, strategies based on trendlines are amond most effective ones. Actually, trendlines work at any timeframe or instrument, so they constitute a great tool that is very flexible and accurate.
    By the way, there is an interesting tool for traders interested in creating their own strategies - Visual Strategy Builder. It could be used to create a strategy by composing several elements while its interface helps newbie traders understand better how the components work together.

    Another important advantage of trendline-based strategies is that they work almost the same way at any market, so you would be able to use your experience if you would like to switch to futures, for example.

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