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Thread: 123 strategy using renko chart

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    123 strategy using renko chart

    I just found this strategy from internet a few days ago and i want to test it. In this thread i will show you how this strategy works.
    I'm using renko chart, if you dont know about renko chart and how to instal it, then you must googling to know about it.
    Point 1 : This is the bottom
    Point 2 : This is correction
    Point 3 : This is retest, but not go beyond point 1
    Place order buy in the breakout of the number 2 point on the pattern, or we can buy a few pips before breakout.
    This is my first order on EUR/USD
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    I already got more than 20 pips, then i moved my stop loss on SL+1 pip

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    renko can work with any strategy because it is stable and the trader can be able to get good results with it and makes trading simple, the renko can let the trader to determine the entry and exit positions easily and let the trader to make more easier trading and so this will keep trading profitable for him in most cases and the risk will be decreased

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    I learn about the renko 123 trading system here in this forum and i have never used it to trade he market before. I am a kind of trader who do not like to jump from one trading system to another as long as the one i am using is working out perfectly for me. But from my observation of this trading system, it looks more like the Elliot waves trading system in which we need to look out for the A,B,C, before we can get the D extension which is where the trade is always for profits.

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