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Thread: How to review your old taken and closed positions, for a better future trading.

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    How to review your old taken and closed positions, for a better future trading.

    This is more like keeping a trading Journal, but this is more helpful than a Journal where we write things we did while trading without pictures.

    Here I will teach us the useful method in MT4 which most of us don't know and we can use it in checking the positions we took.

    Here is a screenshot of how it looks.Attachment 12433

    The blue arrow shows where I entered, and of course I entered at the close of a bullish engulfing bar that formed under a daily support level. Then the other arrow at the top shows where I placed my take profit.

    To do this, click on your account history tab, drag on the currency symbol of your choice then drop it on it's respective chart.

    This is helpful, mostly when used on your lost positions as this will help you know what really made you loss your money and then you can you can get your mistakes corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutiekc View Post
    That is right and by looking at the past and knowing the way we have to trade, knowing how to make good corrections, we get to become better. I do make use of the journal and then at the end of the week or month, I get to take some time to go back to the means and method by which I have been trading to see things I have done differently and also to get to know how much better to improve.
    It is a very good thing that forex traders should be doing. Forex traders should be so careful so that they will not be losing cheaply to forex field. I think that if forex traders are looking at what they have done in the past, they will know what to do next, the forex trader could use what they know to make some corrections who will improve the work of the trader in the further ways they are trading in the future.

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    the best way i think this should be done is to screenshot the trades which you made profit from and save in a folder than from time to time you look through it to give you insight on the kind of trades you should be looking out for.this is what i usually do and i think its better this way but your own method is actually good too but its a little bit difficult than the other way i explained.

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