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Thread: EURGBP Elliot Wave count

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    This thread was created ages ago. It is a matter of pity that the thread has not been being updated regularly by the thread creator. Thus, others who love trading on Euro-Gbp, they do not share their ideas, charts etc as well.

    However, I am sure if you start posting some of your trading charts on Euro-Gbp about the Elliot Wave count, others will join with you as well.

    I would love to see that you take a step to come forward and help other Euro-Gbp traders in this forum.

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    Elliot wave always help us trader make profit without minimum risk taking ratio. Now in these days Eur/Gbp is strong because Euro is strong then pound and its result Eur/Gbp is move up. Its complete its 3 wave now near 0.8330 and now at 0.8480. Its clearly see now its move up and may be its hit .9000 in few days. So its good opportunity to catch this big movement of this pair.

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    i think that the euro gbp is just going to make new highs and change the bearish trend very soon , the indicators of the britain is just going good and the future will be good for england , so better be careful if you are a bear on this pair , when the trend change use the price action for your favour

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    Thank you very much my friend and I personally I love this tool and i think it is a very powerful tool, why? Because all the movement of ascending or descending wave must be waning by we cannot ignore that there is always the upward direction or direction of FALLER Always notify me tool reflect the real situation surprisingly price movements

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    I do no have any idea how to apply the Elliot wave trading on the chart. Because the graph jus like the picture and the picture is telling more one thousand words. So the elliot wave is very different with the another trading strategy, just example like the moving average, the moving average can use to predict the buy and sell based on the moving average cross. So I think picture can describe many perception

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    Quote Originally Posted by aris90 View Post
    I do no have any idea how to apply the Elliot wave trading on the chart.
    Elliot Waves theory is not as difficult as many people think they are. The entire theory is built around a central theme, namely impulsive and corrective waves. It is also intricately related to Fibonacci levels and extensions. There's a popular book by Bob Prechter which can help you quickly master the basics and even much more. You can also check on Prechter's blog for recent updates.

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    The eur / gbp pair has started a correction and a down movement with the A level retracement of the elliott waves . It is going under the 20 Moving Average , and might go on this down directionnal for the next trading session . The SL should be set early , around the 0.8790 level and the TP around the daily resistance pivot point of 0.8720 level .

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    Quote Originally Posted by hosny55 View Post
    the general view about the eur is very clear that although the positive data which comes on the eur that we see that the market should answer as it should be . so all time we should think of buy this pair . in addition to this we can find that gbp is restore its power .

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    Mate, the thread creator give the title of this thread is EURGBP Elliot Wave count, I think you are giving your analysis according to the title of this thread, but I do not really understand your way of analyzing the market through elliot wave theory by using many combinations of indicators. But you did it well, I appreciate that. Thanks for your analysis.

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    Recently, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced a declaration of an exchange of concurrence with the United States, Mexico and Canada, the message of an exchange of concurrence with Canada and Mexico is the most imperative of all. As we would like to think, the previous NAFTA agreement was the worst in history, and the new affirmation depends on equity and partnership. The leader of the United States also drew attention to the idea that exchange exchanges of almost $1.2 billion.

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    EUR/GBP currently lives on the edge of the 0.8850 region after an unbreakable bearish resistance in the combination. The cost has been rejected from the obstruction territory of 0.8950 with a daily close. Both the EUR and the GBP have been indicating combined items in the middle of later monetary reports. Be that as it may, the GBP has the preferred view in the cash combination. Today it will be distributed to the order book of the German factory, which is expected to increase to 0.7% of the previous negative estimate of - 0.9%, the German PPI is required to remain unchanged at 0.2% and Italian retail offers to increase to 0.2%. from the last negative estimate of - 0.1%. In addition, today the parity of expenses of the French government will be distributed, which previously remained at - 82.8B. On the GBP side this week, the UK also distributed some financial reports that matched the wishes. Today, the HPI Halifax HPI report should increase to 0.2% from the previous 0.1%. After the PMI Advance Services report, the pound sterling increased a bit the energy entrusted to it to boost the promotion on the side of the pound sterling if the pound exceeds the euro.

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