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Thread: Forex and Poker : The Differences and the Similarities

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    i think that there is a big difference between poker and forex because with poker is not a business but it is a game and forex is a business, poker depends mainly on luck in most cases but forex depends on rules and in forex we need a plan and strategy to be able to trade .

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    Quote Originally Posted by DilanF View Post
    I was a poker professional for years before I started trading. Trading is much harder IMO, this is because trading "systems" need discretion to get a large edge. You can learn the basics of poker, learn GTO strategies here, grind low limits, and make consistent profits relatively easily. Forex is a totally different ballgame.
    This is interesting. I always thought they have a sort of similarities in some way.

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    Well, there is a similarity between trading and poker. They both require skills, knowledge and experience. I play on from time to time, just for fun. From my own experience, I can say that trading is harder, because your job and money depend on it.

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    Poker is a game and not a business why the forex market is a pure business this make this two things a little bit different from each other, we can't compare the forex business with a mere game, poker is only a game and a game is something about luck, though some can use little trick to win, but a game is always a game, why business is always a business, and we can compare a business with a game.

    there is a big difference between the poker and forex and so forex is a real business and the trader can trade and make money, but poker is gambling and depends on luck and so the player may win or lose, so the trader should avoid poker and trade in forex to be able to make money, forex is not like the poker and they are completely different.
    Maybe you're right, but anyway, poker is a thing, which allow to earn some extra money based on some risky situations.

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