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Thread: Forex and Poker : The Differences and the Similarities

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    i think that there is a big difference between poker and forex because with poker is not a business but it is a game and forex is a business, poker depends mainly on luck in most cases but forex depends on rules and in forex we need a plan and strategy to be able to trade .

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    I was a poker professional for years before I started trading. Trading is much harder IMO, this is because trading "systems" need discretion to get a large edge. You can learn the basics of poker, learn GTO strategies here, grind low limits, and make consistent profits relatively easily. Forex is a totally different ballgame.
    This is interesting. I always thought they have a sort of similarities in some way.

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    Well, there is a similarity between trading and poker. They both require skills, knowledge and experience. I play on from time to time, just for fun. From my own experience, I can say that trading is harder, because your job and money depend on it.

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