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Thread: Forex and Poker : The Differences and the Similarities

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    i think that there is a big difference between poker and forex because with poker is not a business but it is a game and forex is a business, poker depends mainly on luck in most cases but forex depends on rules and in forex we need a plan and strategy to be able to trade .

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    I was a poker professional for years before I started trading. Trading is much harder IMO, this is because trading "systems" need discretion to get a large edge. You can learn the basics of poker, learn GTO strategies here, grind low limits, and make consistent profits relatively easily. Forex is a totally different ballgame.
    This is interesting. I always thought they have a sort of similarities in some way.

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    In poker, you can be anyone, from an unemployed student who spends money from his wealthy parents, or a mature person who has achieved everything, who comes to play a game purely for the sake of excitement. Poker is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you believe in winning, or you place your bets, succumbing to a random desire. Yes, of course, strategy is also needed here, but the likelihood that you start the game in the hope of a really big jackpot is negligible. You are unlikely to go to forex for the thrill. Something like 12Bet will work for you in such conditions. I don’t deny that someone can use its resources and fun, but it’s a waste of time. No business starts with just curiosity. In any case, you will have to create a strategy that will last longer than one batch. Nothing in common except for the factor of curiosity, both there and there.
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    Even though poker is largely based in skill and not just luck, I think there's still a big difference in risks and in trading, there are a lot more aspects that are under your control and you are less reliant on luck.

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    The difference between poker and forex is huge. In poker, the potential win and loss is known in advance, in forex it is not, even taking into account stop losses and take profits. On the Forex chart, you can always see patterns, but in poker, chance often decides.

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