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Thread: Forex and Poker : The Differences and the Similarities

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    i think that there is a big difference between poker and forex because with poker is not a business but it is a game and forex is a business, poker depends mainly on luck in most cases but forex depends on rules and in forex we need a plan and strategy to be able to trade .

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    I was a poker professional for years before I started trading. Trading is much harder IMO, this is because trading "systems" need discretion to get a large edge. You can learn the basics of poker, learn GTO strategies here, grind low limits, and make consistent profits relatively easily. Forex is a totally different ballgame.
    This is interesting. I always thought they have a sort of similarities in some way.

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    Forex is a real business, and a trader can trade and make money, but poker is a game of chance and depends on luck. Poker games work with the same odds for the player to work with a controlling strategy, as a highlighted limit with a field of estimation. This is done to give a decision on how and when to enter the table. To compete with the problem as closing or providing further when subordinate to work with the table pots on moderation. Mobile Casino in India has the same principle, which cannot be happy. The main thing is to play on a licensed site to not fall into the hands of cheaters.
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