Most of trader's are struggling in forex trading market, and wrong and poor risk management is one of the big cause of it. Its very common that all trader's have to take risk to make money but most of them not able to calculate it properly that how much risk they have to take in each trade.

Risk factor is very important element of our business. And its very important to learn that how much risk we should take in the market. There are many types of trader's in forex market they have their own characterstics, Many trader's want to make big massive money by taking high risk and some of them want to focus on consistent money making goal by following very less risk for their each trade.

We can read everywhere all over the internet that there is risk in forex. Without taking risk we can't make money in forex, that's true but trader's should understand the value of low risk trading in forex. By taking a very high risk trader's are making this business more hard and dangerous for themselves. There are many trader's who are working more than 3 to 4 year's in forex but still they are not able to make consistent profit. A trader should have good idea that what should be the level of risk for his or her trading style.

Now the main question is how much risk a trader should take in trading and How he can know much about it?

First of all a trader should spend a lot of time in demo trading account, Some trader's say that spending a lot of time in demo trading is useless or waste of time for them. But I am not agree with them, a trader should have a good idea about his risk, We should test our trading strategy for couple of months and should check that which type of risk size working fine with our strategy like 2 percent risk per trade, 3 percent risk per trade, or 5 percent risk per trade. I would like to discuss couple of exmaples regarding it.

Trading account size: $2000

Suppose you are following technical analysis (support and resistance) in your trading and you are using h4 time frame for your trading analysis, You opened an order in 4 hour time frame chart with 30 percent risk of your account means you are taking risk of $600 equity for one trade. Even you risk and reward is good like 1:1 or 1:2. But are you sure that this type of trading will give you any success for long term time?

The answer is no, I don't think that by taking 30 percent risk of our account for each trade we will able to make consistent income, because we have only less than 4 chances to place our trades in the market. There will be no much money for 4th transaction in our trading account. We can loose all our three continue trade's very easily in the market, its very common and can happen to anybody.

Example 2:
Trading account size: $2000

This is the second example, Suppose you are following the same analysis like Example one as I mentioned above, but in this analysis you are taking only 2 percent risk of your equity for each trade. It means you are taking only $40 risk for each trade, it means we have a lot of margin for your next trades, you have total fifty trades margin in your account. Yes, that's awesome, And by following this type of risk management you can surely get a good ouput from your trades.

Bottom Line:
Hope you all get a very good lesson about Risk management from this thread. Guy's nobody can make a big profit consistently by taking very high risk, so in my opinon we should take 1 to 2 percent risk of our capital for each trade. Stop gambling and be a good trader, Have a good time.