Our experience is our great teacher We all know that experience has several lessons to teach to a traders. Experience plays a key role in enhancing the skills of a person in any job or business. A trader may not learn the lessons well by reading but many times he learns it through his experience.

It is with experience a trader several times take the initiative to correct his mistakes and weaknesses in his trading. This may be because when he experiences the losses due to the mistakes he feels the emotional pai For instance a trader after blowing a big account experiences the pain and so may be more rigerously provoked to learn and correct his mistakes.

Other traders experience is also our teacher
It is not necessary that it is only when we lose we take the initiave to correct our trading mistakes and flaws. Learning lessons from other traders experience and losses can help us avoid the same mistakes and hence avoid the losses. Learning from our experience can some times be harsh. Our experience can teach us lessons by giving us emotional pain and losses.

When we learn from other trader's mistakes we can learn many lessons without even undergoing the effect of such mistakes which is usually big losses. The main advantage of Roboforex forum is here several traders share their experience and mistakes. Interacting with them can improve our knowledge and help us avoid the same mistakes and losses in our trading.