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Thread: Learning from other trader's experiences and losses

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    Bad experience is the part of every trader but the good thing is losses can be only a few when we able to learn from the experience of some bad trader's in forex, Other trading experiences would help us to understand the bad impact of high risk trading. On the other hand we should follow the good trader's approach, we should only take limited risk in our trades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elena View Post
    Yeah, the wise people will learn from other's traders experiences and losses. Then we do not need to get the same losses first to learn much things from it. We need to learn as much as possible from other's experiences and losses, so we will not get the same bad experiences and losses like them, and keep our trading safe
    It is best to learn from our own losses and from others losses also. Forex trading is a big ambit which includes importance of planning, learning strategies, learning mindset and discipline and all. Forex have been around a long while and it is not just a modern business, only recent advancement in technology have brought it to a new frontier.

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    If you depend on other people's experiences you will not make progress in your trading, it is only when you learn in a hard way that you sit up, human beings tend to learn better when they make mistakes themselves than getting from another person, forex teaches alot of lessons and we must learn it.

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    [lang=de]This is one of the best way to acquire trading skill and knowledge. IF we take lesson from others then we be able to acquire more knowledge and idea about their past history. I always ask senior traders about their trading journey and trust me that helps me a lot. Keep asking others about their trading history. This way you will develop a lot.[/lang]

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    It is a good thing to make sure to not to involve our self with the mistakes which other traders has made. We have to learn from the experienced traders so that we get to be able to avoid mistakes happening over and over again. Like it has been said, a lot of traders has adviced we only trade on real because they experienced trading on real without demo, made them loss so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivanandfx View Post
    Our experience is our great teacher We all know that experience has several lessons to teach to a traders. Experience plays a key role in enhancing the skills of a person in any job or business. A trader may not learn the lessons well by reading but many times he learns it through his experience.

    It is with experience a trader several times take the initiative to correct his mistakes and weaknesses in his trading. This may be because when he experiences the losses due to the mistakes he feels the emotional pai For instance a trader after blowing a big account experiences the pain and so may be more rigerously provoked to learn and correct his mistakes.

    Other traders experience is also our teacher
    It is not necessary that it is only when we lose we take the initiave to correct our trading mistakes and flaws. Learning lessons from other traders experience and losses can help us avoid the same mistakes and hence avoid the losses. Learning from our experience can some times be harsh. Our experience can teach us lessons by giving us emotional pain and losses.

    When we learn from other trader's mistakes we can learn many lessons without even undergoing the effect of such mistakes which is usually big losses. The main advantage of Roboforex forum is here several traders share their experience and mistakes. Interacting with them can improve our knowledge and help us avoid the same mistakes and losses in our trading.

    that's right what you wrote above. that experience is our best teacher, and the experience of others is our teacher too.
    I also often listen or just chat with seniors who first jump into the world of forex. listen to their journey to the point where it is now.
    their grief, what they got and what they lost.they also share trading strategies, as well as tips to survive in this forex trading. lerning by listening.
    from the experiences they provide can at least provide motivation and enthusiasm for us.

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