How long we should trade in the demo ? have some specific time ??
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Thread: How long we should trade in the demo ? have some specific time ??

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    How long we should trade in the demo ? have some specific time ??

    I think until we do not feel it sufficient for the learning ,we should continue practicing in the demo .what you say ??

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    forex is very helpful for us . demo account is a one for learning trade. if demo trade not in forex , forex trader not learning perfectly . demo trade is very helpful. when a trader start trade i think that time he can start demo trade and it long time can work. if a person fell he is not experienced in forex trade he is work in forex demo account . when he always taking profit that time out in demo account . that is good for a trader.

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    there is no specific time brother its only depends on your skill of learning. it can take one month or it can take many years to learn in demo forex. it is an important way of learning where we can test our strategies without any fear and loss. we have to keep practising in demo account as long as possible. ahen when you become confident then you can enter in real business.

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    Actually, we are advised to always use a demo account, with no time limit. Because the demo account is very useful to make corrections on the strategy that we use, so for example we find weaknesses in our strategy, we make improvements by using the demo account.

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    No i do not agree with you that there is some specific time for trading in demo accounts.A trader should trade in demo accounts til he/she has not gained the experience in trading in Forex trading business..They should learn about Forex through demo accounts and it also helps in making own strategy.Demo accounts help traders to gain confidence and knowledge too which help them in making profit on a consistent basis.

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    Well am not sure that there's a particular timing to how long qw should trade on demo account before we know we are qualified to trade on live account, this would all depend on your level of understanding, if you know that you have gained enough knowledge and is already making consistent gain in your trading demo account then you know your ready to trade in live account.

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    i guess there is no specific of time for how long we use demo account , because although the experts, they will need it to develop trading system, do experiments and etc, and so i guess, we always need it, but it does not mean we have to stay at demo account for longer time, we need to continue learning with take real account and make investment, it will give us more experiences and get trading psychologies which never get at demo account
    but i suggest you to use cents account first with make small investment

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahibkhattak View Post
    I think until we do not feel it sufficient for the learning ,we should continue practicing in the demo .what you say ??
    No there is no specific time to leave the demo trading and i think it is depend on the trading how quickly he pick the forex trading business in the demo but i think the practice of the six month we start the real trading in the forex business. and we need to continue the demo trading with the forex trading live

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    there is no specific time set for the demo account,the demo account is a place we will keep finding yourself from time to time even when we are making profit,the market condition will always force us to the demo account for one or 2 research on the market,since the market condition is not constant so we need to visit the demo at a point in time to understand the market sediment

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    I do not think their is any end of demo trading. Because a new trader learn a lot and basic things from demo trading. Like operation methods. Placing orders. controlling emotion by seeing big profit and big loss, money management skills. Like where to book profit and where to sue stop loss and what should be the lot size as per margin available etc.
    And expert traders need to practice or examine in demo about their newly developed Strategy.
    So it never ends trading in demo.

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