The good learning is the way to the good earning in the forex
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Thread: The good learning is the way to the good earning in the forex

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    The good learning is the way to the good earning in the forex

    you will have to believe this, because the learning is the only way to the success .

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    if we want to b the good and the successful traders in the forex market that is always the risky for the new and bad traders, therefore we must get the full knowledge and the good experience to get the success in the forex market that will give us the good success way in the forex market

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    forex learning basic skills is the most important thing that should be possessed by traders who want to be serious in this business. I deifying this as a foundation of the house, if not strong then it will collapse. not only that, most importantly, emotions also determine the success of traders achieve a profit.

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    yes ofcourse . why not , when we are student that if we are not good study we are not passed in the exam with good result . so if we are not experienced in the forex we are not taking a good profit in forex . if we are taking good profit in forex we must have learning about forex . without learning we are not work in forex , and then we work forex that is not good for our . because without leaning always fall loss. so we not want loss we want profit thats for need learning to forex.

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    first learn then earn. knowledge skill and experience is so important in this risky business. one bad declension can cause a big loss and one good declension can make good profit. it is a kind of business which is depending on skill, knowledge and experience very much. we have to get these abilities to get profit in Forex business. and for good learning i prefer demo account very much.

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    True, the success obtained by beginning forex traders of good learning, and coupled with a strong determination that they want to be a forex trader, then one day they will achieve success. So we better put a good lesson so that later we can get a good profit in the end.

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    i thing every business learning is most important thing .it is the rule that first learning then make earning butt the new workers of forex are fail to done this working because he have no experience and any learning about this business and therefore he cannot obtain a good profit
    therefore experience and learning is most important

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    as we cannot start any work with out the proper learning and the good learning is the really way to the success in that work like forex the forex risky business needs the proper learning that we get the good forex education and we must have the good market analysis to earn the money.

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    Infect forex is economical business and this is running on currencies values. so first understand it if you have good knowledge and education then you can earn good amount. and education can reduce your risk level. so learning can more than better from earning. because if you have learning then you have earning.

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    Yes first learn then earn is the very good thing in forex without learning nothing possible in forex so if you want to earn good constant income in this business then learning is better than earning you can earn money after learning too but without learning you can't earn money for long time and you will surely loose your all money so be safe with that

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    Yes, You are right that the better learning is the way to good earning in Forex. Forex business is very profitable and so more suitable for all kinds of people but it is not so easy business and more risky too. So at first we should learn more about Forex market and about the trading system. We should practice demo account for earning more experience and knowledge about Forex. So for good trading and more earning profit, we must should learn more about Forex market.

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